Sanitary Pad

Now no need to Carry your Sanitary Pads all the time!

Why carry sanitary pad everywhere, when you can get it easily? Why be too conscious of carrying this Menstruation napkin? Yes! We can now get it when in need as it is available via Vending Machine. It is called Stree Sahay¬†(Sanitary Pad Vending Machine). It is the immediate access to Sanitary Napkins when in an emergency. Stree Sahay is an…

Importance Of Sanitary Pad for women during periods.

Importance Of Sanitary Pad for women during periods. Disposable menstrual pads were invented by Benjamin Franklin as an invention created to help stop wounded soldiers from bleeding. The first commercially available pad was Southall’s pad in 1888. Padma Shri Arunachalam Muruganantham fabricated a cheap hygienic pad- creating machine. It was invention to spread awareness of women personal hygiene . Whose…

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