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Free Sanitary Napkins to girls in Andhra Pradesh.

Free Sanitary Napkins to girls in Andhra Pradesh.

When women suffer from Menstruation Cycle, it is essential to use good menstrual products to maintain menstrual hygiene. Earlier, women used rags, dirty used clothes, sandbags, and dry leaves to avoid period stains. It gave rise to many deadly diseases that women have to face throughout their life. It continued from decades to decades, and even now, in some parts of India; women continue to use the substitute of Menstrual products.

 With advanced technology, innovating new products, using dirty clothes, leaves, and sandbags eliminated. Women are aware of the benefits of using sanitary products during the Menstruation Cycle.

Andhra Pradesh Government distributes free Sanitary napkins to Girls:

In India, Andhra Pradesh’s government has taken a remarkable initiative by distributing free sanitary napkins to girls; studying in government educational institutions. This scheme launched on March 8 on the event of International Women’s Day. 

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, held a meeting on girl’s health and education. The meeting was held at the CM Camp office at Tadepalli. He announced that the government would distribute ten sanitary napkins to girl students per month and 120 sanitary napkins per year, and Rs. 41.4 crore will set aside to continue the scheme every year. Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy said to the officials to distribute quality and branded sanitary napkins to women; to maintain good menstrual hygiene during periods. Sanitary Napkins will be distribute to girls studying in standard VII to standard XII in government educational institutions free of cost. 

The government also said that every school and college must appoint to check the availability of sanitary napkins and the distribution process. The same female teacher will also educate the female students about the usage and safe disposal methods of used sanitary napkins. 

Final Thought:

Sanitary Napkins will be distributed to female students in government schools, junior colleges, and Gurukul Schools from July 1. It is an excellent step by the Government of Andhra Pradesh to maintain proper menstrual hygiene during periods. Every state and country must take such steps to protect women from harmful diseases caused by using unhygienic products during Menstruation Cycle. 

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