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Gender Discrimination at the Workplace.

Gender Discrimination at the Workplace.

The women community is the only community that faces a lot of issues in various walks of life. Initially, our society didn’t want a girl child to be born; they were denied education and forced into child marriage. Now, women are getting educated, and they have the right to choose their career path. Women loved to be independent; that’s why they start to work and earn for themselves. Here, she also faces workplace discrimination, which loses her enthusiasm towards her job and demotivates her to give her best in her career.

Not to be discriminated against is one of the fundamental rights for women. Unfortunately, it is the bitter reality that women face discrimination against at the workplace in manifold ways. Such gender discrimination at the workplace include:

  • Biased treatment related to hiring procedure based on gender
  • The glass ceiling is a situation where women are not allow to be promote or passed over for a promotion.
  • Less payment to women than men on the same job profile.
  • Sexual harassment.
  • Less leave for women or low paid sick leaves.
  • Women being eliminate from employee benefits.
  • Pregnancy discrimination.
  • Usage of derogatory language to women at the workplace.

All these discrimination act results in:

  • Lowering the morale of women employees.
  • Demotivation.
  • Increased level of stress
  • Inefficiency towards work.
  • Quitting a job.

It will be unfair to say only men are perpetrators of gender-based discrimination; some women act as a perpetrator of gender discrimination.


Concluding the topic, it’s time to put an end to gender discrimination in the workplace. Women are the future of this world, and she has the right to get fair treatment at the workplace. Employees who use derogatory language at the workplace should be punished or initiate necessary action against them. Women face a Menstruation cycle every month where they go through lots of discomforts. Every employee has to support women and help them during those days rather than ignoring them or staying away.

Additionally, it becomes the responsibility of women to complain the higher authorities if she faces gender discrimination at the workplace. Women should not face any discrimination and should raise voice against the bias at the workplace. Things should not be simpler, but they should be equal to both men and women.

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