Period Myths that are still followed by Women.

Period Myths

Every woman in every part of the world needs to follow specific rules during their menstruation cycle. These rules are nothing but the myths related to periods. Period Myths don’t have scientific proof, but still, it is followed by every woman. Due to a lack of knowledge and lack of feminine hygiene products, women were used to tracking what their mother taught them. But now, the entire world knows what period is and why it happens, but still, many women don’t feel comfortable talking about periods. It is because of various taboos related to periods. Let’s have a quick view of various period myths.


Heavy flow during periods

Exercise and Periods


Period Myth

Washing hair and periods

Period Myth

Ghost and period


Period Myth

Cold Water and Period


Period Myth

Pickle and Period

We should take a step forward and break all the myths related to the period. Around 41% of women still follow menstruation-related social restrictions. It’s time to eliminate all the taboos associated with the menstruation cycle and be period proud. Every year many women died due to diseases caused due to different menstrual problems. It happens because women face various menstrual problems, and she feels shy to discuss them with other women. The only way to eliminate taboos related to menstruation is for people to understand and change their mentality towards menstruation.


In conclusion, we should shatter the period myths and treat menstruation cycles as we treat other health-related problems. We should not make women feel avoided during the menstruation cycle. She needs us the most because she is already going through various discomforts that are starting from mood swings to period cramps. Make her feel good by giving something that she likes, for example, dark chocolate. Let’s break all the Period myths, stigma, and taboo-related menstruation cycle and make every woman feel period proud.
Feel free to share with us about the period myths which you know in the comment section.

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