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MyKit – Suvidha

Launching a must-have product for all women

Stree Sanman, a leading manufacturer of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine and Sanitary Napkin Incinerators launches ‘My Kit,’ a must-have product for all women. According to the National Family Health Survey 2015-2016 in India, there are around 336 million women who menstruate and only 121 million women who use a sanitary napkin during menstruation. It is approximately 36% of women use a sanitary napkin in India. During the menstrual cycle, women give the invitation to many diseases if treated unhygienically. Indian women use sand, dirty used clothes, and leaves during their menstruation. Women need to take care of themselves when they are on their menstruation cycle. ‘My Kit’ is a complete box of Menstruation hygiene. My kit includes Sanitary napkins, Sanitary Napkin Disposal Bags, Wet Wipes, Dry tissues, and sanitizer.

Introducing MyKit - Suvidha

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Sanitary Napkins (14 pcs)

Are you on your Periods? Time to use sanitary napkins!
MyKit-Suvidha provides you with 14 sanitary Napkins. These Sanitary Napkins are made of premium quality, which will feel comfortable and fresh throughout the day.

Sanitizer (1 pc 15ml)

Time for Sanitization! MyKit-Suvidha comes with a 15ml sanitizer to kill the germs present in your hands and make your hands feel fresh and sweet-scented.

Disposing Bags (14 pcs)

Time to change your pad! But worried about where to throw the used sanitary napkin? Now no need to worry because MyKit-Suvidha comes with 14 Sanitary Napkin Disposal bags. It is the most convenient and proper way to dispose of the used sanitary napkin.

Wet Wipes (14 pcs)

Unavailability of water during periods! My kit-Suvidha comes with 14 alcohol-based wet wipes to maintain menstrual hygiene during periods.

Paper Napkin (14 pcs)

Don’t forget to maintain personal hygiene while maintaining menstrual hygiene. MyKit-Suvidha provides you 14 Dry Napkins to keep your hands dry and clean.



Sanitary Napkin

Made In India premium Sanitary Napkin 14 Pcs Sanitary Napkin or Sanitary Pad is a soft, cotton product that helps to absorb the menstruation flow and saves from any infection or skin irritation during or after the periods.

Disposing bag for used pads
To avoid throwing the used pads directly in open space or dustbin, women can throw the used sanitary napkin in the disposal bag. This kit comes with 14 disposing bags. One for each used pad.
Premium Wet Wipes

Providing 14pc of wet wipes to keep you clean and safe.
Wet tissues can be used to clean the intimate area. These tissues can be used when there is no availability of water. This will help women to keep their private parts clean during their menstruation.

Paper Napkin

Use it for drying your hands. This can be used to clean and dry the hands after washing. It will help when there is no availability of tissue paper. ‘My Kit’ consists of 14 Paper napkins.


Alcohol-based sanitizer
Make sure to sanitize the hands to kill the remaining bacteria. Disinfecting kills not only germs but also the hands that will feel fresh with fragrance. You get a 15ml Sanitizer bottle with a Spray mechanism.