Importance of Period Education to Rural Adolescent Girls.

There is a vast difference between girls who live in urban areas and girls who live in rural areas. In the past few years, girls who live in urban areas are gaining period education with the help of schools, social media sites, and other sources. Due to the increased use of social media, they are aware of the modern technology to get a sanitary napkin, that is, with the help of a sanitary napkin vending machine. Urban Adolescent girls are changing their attitude towards periods by abolishing the myths, Stigma, and taboos related to periods. But this is not the same with rural adolescent girls. Adolescent girls who live in rural areas lack period education and are surrounded by various myths, stigmas, and taboos related to periods. 

Problems faced by rural adolescent girls during periods:
  • Lack of period knowledge during menarche; causing fear and stress among rural adolescent girls
  • Lack of sources through which girls can get information regarding the menstruation cycle. Schools in rural areas are not comfortable providing period education due to the Stigma associated with it.
  • Myths, Stigma, and taboos related to the menstruation cycle that rolls on from generation to generation.
  • Lack of availability and affordability of period products 
  • Lack of awareness of modern techniques to get a sanitary napkin through a sanitary napkin vending machine and dispose of the soiled sanitary napkins through sanitary napkins incinerators.
The Solution: Period Education:

Rural Adolescent girls must be educated about periods and menstrual hygiene. While discussing periods, one must include content such as:

  • Period Products,
  • Menstrual Hygiene Management,
  • Myths, Stigma, and taboos related to Menstruation.
  • Menstrual Waste Management,
  • Menstrual Disorders, and 

Providing period knowledge will change the girls’ attitude towards periods. It will also save many girls from Reproductive Tract Infection or other Menstrual related problems.

Knowledge about Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine and Incinerators:

Rural adolescent girls are not financially sound enough to buy a pack of sanitary napkins for themselves during periods. To combat this situation and period education, one must create awareness regarding the modern technique to get sanitary napkins through a sanitary napkin vending machine. The Sanitary napkin vending machine dispenses one sanitary napkin at a time. Women can get sanitary napkins by inserting coins or free of cost. 

As girls in rural areas lack knowledge of menstrual waste management, one can introduce a modern technique to dispose of the soiled sanitary napkin through sanitary napkin incinerators. Women have to put the dirty sanitary napkin in the chamber, close it and press the button; the machine will automatically burn the sanitary napkins without any hassle. Incinerators do not require you to insert a coin.

Where to get the machine?

Stree Sanman is the leading manufacturer of sanitary napkin vending machines and smokeless incinerators. Stree Sanman has benefited many women by installing more than a thousand sanitary napkin vending machines and incinerators and took a step forward towards women’s welfare. It makes every possible way to help women during periods with sanitary napkins through sanitary napkin vending machines and incinerators for safe, private, and eco-friendly disposal of soiled sanitary napkins.

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