Braun Medical (India) Pvt. Ltd distributed Stree Sanman Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine in more than 25 Locations in India under the CSR Activity.

B.Braun Medical (India) Pvt Ltd is a leading healthcare product development company. It develops effective solutions and guiding standards for the healthcare system. It has its units at various locations in India. B Braun Medical India Pvt Ltd had approached Stree Sanman to deliver customized Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines in Jaipur and in Chennai. The Project was to not only deliver but also install and maintain the machine. It was a very challenging project for Stree Sanman as it has stiff deadlines and a workshop to handle.

The vending machines were developed to dispense the sanitary Napkins for free of cost. It was a great initiative taken by B. Braun Medical India Pvt Ltd to help the women during their menstrual cycle to get the Sanitary napkin for free. These machines serve around 100 Sanitary napkins.

Stree Sanman also conducted a workshop to create awareness about the Menstruation cycle and the importance of keeping Hygiene during the Menstruation Cycle. There were people from approximately 25 public healthcare centers who have participated in this event. Stree Sanman covered the following topics in the workshop:

1) What is Menstruation Cycle

2) Do’s and Dont’s During Menstruation Cycle

3) Importance of Hygiene

4) Awareness about the Sanitary Products

The event was featured in Local Newspaper Geetanjali:


It was a great initiative took by B.Braun Medical India Pvt Ltd by installing Stree Sanman Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine in 25 Locations in India. It was a noble CSR activity with the Stree Sanman Organization help where women got to know various information related to the menstruation cycle and the importance of using sanitary pads during pads.

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