Stree Sanman My Kit-Suvidha A must-have Travel Essential for Women.

Every woman must have fallen into a situation when periods hit them while traveling to different places. It becomes very challenging for women when they get periods while traveling on an express train. Because sometimes, the washroom in the trains is not facilitated with water and other hygiene materials. During such situations, menstruation women find it challenging to maintain menstrual hygiene. The situation gets worse when the journey takes more than 24 hours to reach the destination. Maintaining menstrual hygiene during periods is essential to avoid getting any Reproductive Tract Infections (RPIs).

Usually, we include soaps, sunscreens, creams, and many such materials in our travel bag; but women carrying menstrual materials is also one of the travel essentials. Stree Sanman has developed a completely new and innovative product that will help women with complete menstrual materials. Stree Sanman My Kit-Suvidha is an entire pack of menstrual hygiene materials that will help women with menstrual materials.

Benefits of carrying Stree Sanman My Kit-Suvidha in your Travel Bag:

Stree Sanman My Kit-Suvidha is a complete menstrual hygiene kit that will facilitate women with:

  •  Sanitary Napkins (14)
  •  Disposal Bags(14)
  •  Wet tissues(14)
  • Dry tissues(14)
  • One 15ml Sanitizer

Women who love to explore new places often need to travel to various states and countries. During the Menstruation Cycle, women frequently visit the washroom to clean and change the menstrual materials. When periods hit women when she is out of her residences, women often prefer to visit public toilets during such emergencies. Women find it challenging to maintain menstrual hygiene if the public restrooms are not facilitated with water and other sanitization facilities. In such situations, having Stree Sanman My Kit-Suvidha can provide significant help to women.

With the help of Stree Sanman My Kit-Suvidha, women can quickly dispose of the used sanitary napkin with the help of sanitary disposal bags. They can easily maintain hygiene with the support of wet tissue, and with the help of 15ml Sanitizer, women can clean their hands to kill bacteria and germs. It will also help women while traveling in express trains with no water availability or other sanitization facilities.

Next time when you pack your travel essentials, don’t forget to include Stree Sanman My Kit-Suvidha in your Travel Bag. 

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