Surprising facts about Transgender people!

Transgender people

Surprising facts about Transgender people!

The meaning of transgender people is whose gender identity doesn’t match with the gender determined at the time of birth. It is the part of the community which is always betrayed and ignored. There are many perceptions made of transsexual people. In India, the blessings of transgender people are valued. That’s Why, when a new baby is born in a family, grandparents ensure that the baby, mother, and father get the blessings of transsexual people. It is believed that the prayers of these people bring prosperity to the baby and to the parents. After blessing the child, the transgender people are rewarded with a lump sum of money.
On the other end, transsexual people are a community which no one wants to discuss. They feel shy to talk about transgender people. Many transsexual people are teased, bullied by other people in society. Society has no place for such genders. In this article, there are surprising facts about transgender people which many of us are unaware of.

Highest Dropouts:

It is said that everyone has an equal right to education. Many are fighting for the education of women. But why no one is ever talking regarding the teaching of transsexual people. They have equal rights to gain knowledge and work for them as others do. According to the 2014 census, only 44% of transsexual people are educated, and others are dropout of school due to harassment and discrimination by other students.

Transgender people were valued during ancient times:

Transsexual people were believed to be guardians of women during the historic period. They served as guards to women in Royal Families.

Transsexual People Worshipping:

Transsexual people are great devotees of Goddess Renuka and Buhuchara. It is believed that they have the power to change one’s gender.

 Source of Incomes:

As many them live in the margins of society, they perform various functions. Giving blessings or badhai or begging. These all come at the source of their income.

Transgender people Language:

Transsexual people have their own language. It is known as Hijra Farsi. Their language is a combination of Urdu words and some unknown words from the vocabulary.

In India, transsexual people are known as “Hijra.” The government has took specific steps related to transgender people’s rights. The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019 was passed to protect the rights of transgender people, their welfare, and other related matters. Thus, we must respect them, as they are also a human being as we.

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