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Sanitary napkin Vending Machine
Offers women convenient access to high-quality sanitary napkins while promoting sustainability and women empowerment.
Smokeless Incinerator
Revolutionizes waste management with its innovative technology and environmentally responsible approach.
Outdoor Air purifier
Provides a powerful and sustainable solution for clean and fresh Outdoor air, promoting a healthier and safer environment.
Lets dive into THE


Statistics play a crucial role in understanding the impact and effectiveness of various initiatives. When it comes to sanitary napkin vending machine installation, smokeless incinerator installation, CO2 saved, and sanitary napkins dispensed, the numbers tell a compelling story.
Dovey Installed
Sanitary Napkins Dispensed
Inceco Installed
Ton of CO2 Emission Arrested
Dovey: The Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine
Unlock Freedom with Dovey: Your Path to Period Empowerment!
Ensures women have easy access to high-quality sanitary napkins whenever they need them. With its user-friendly design and commitment to menstrual health, Dovey empowers women and promotes convenience, comfort, and confidence during their periods. Say goodbye to worries and embrace hassle-free menstrual hygiene with Dovey. Buy Now from Stree Sanman!
Smokeless Incinerator
Revolutionizing Waste Management with Innovative Technology and Environmental Responsibility.
Experience the Future of Waste Disposal with Inceco: The Smart Solution for Sustainable and Clean Environment. Stree Sanman is making a positive impact by championing gender equality and inclusivity.

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