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Next Generation of Accessibility

You don’t need to remember and carry your pads all the time now. Sanitary Pad Vending Machines are available everywhere.

Modern Design

Modern and User friendly design. The device will beautify your lavatory wall while dispensing confidence.

Inform Others and Spread the word

Spread the word, update the location of ‘Stree Sahay (Sanitary Pad vending Machine)’ or ‘EcoSuvidha (Sanitary Pad Incinerator)’ on your facebook profile or Twitter, tag us and get rewarded!

Expert Support 24/7

Finding difficulties in accessing the Sanitary Pad Vending Machine or Incinerator! Don’t worry call us and get it resolved immediately!

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We at ‘Stree Sanman’ strive to install ‘Stree Sahay’ and ‘Stree EcoSuvidha’ at every public, school, Malls, Shopping Centres and corporate washrooms so that you don’t need to remember and carry your Sanitary Pad.

Our Values

We Care! We Innovate Environment friendly Solutions! and It is our Passion!

Your trust is our Asset.

Our Philosophy

We believe that women have been blessed with a super power to keep the human race alive and we help her to carry her power with ease.

Next Generation of Accessibility

Now no need to remember and carry your Pads, ‘Stree Sahay’ is there to help you!

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Our girl students are very happy to have the facility of Sanitary Pad Vending Machine and Incinerator. Now they don't throw the pads in W.C. and feel very comfortable in college.
Vishweshwaraya Polytechnic


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