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Sanitary Napkin
vending machine
“Experience the Freedom of Dovey: Empowering Women with Convenient Access to Sanitary Napkins, Anytime, Anywhere!”
Redefining Convenience and Quality – Here are the Specifications!
Dimensions 15 Cm x 15 Cm x 65 Cm (L x B x H)
Color Blue
Model Type Push-Button
Capacity 25 Napkins
Power Supply 220v 5Amps
Mode Automatic Push Button
Weight 8Kg

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We have 5 years of experience and  customer satisfaction with :
Dovey offers unparalleled convenience by providing easy access to sanitary napkins at the touch of a button. It eliminates the need for women to carry supplies with them at all times, making it a reliable and hassle-free solution.
Dovey ensures women have access to high-quality sanitary napkins that meet stringent hygiene standards. It eliminates the need to rely on shared or unhygienic alternatives, promoting better menstrual health and well-being.
Dovey promotes a sense of independence and confidence by ensuring that menstrual hygiene products are readily available, allowing women to focus on their work or daily activities without interruptions or discomfort.
Dovey reduces the usage of single-use plastics associated with traditional packaging and promotes eco-friendly practices. By choosing Dovey, customers are actively participating in a greener future and supporting a company that prioritizes environmental consciousness.

Dovey's Evolution

The BoX

Our first commercial product. Simple, Functional and Classic. 

Dovey Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine
In the quest of Curves

Tried getting the curves with acrylic sheet. A skin for our box.

Dovey Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine
Got the curves

Finally got the curves. The beautiful and elegant artonic to facilitate the Sanitary Napkins to the needy.

Dovey Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine
Slim and Sleek

With the beautiful design, reduced the size of the machine so as to make it convenient to fit in any small washroom.


Why Corporate Should have Dovey?

i. Promote gender equality and inclusivity
ii. Support employee well-being and comfort
iii. Improve productivity and reduce absenteeism
iv. Enhance hygiene standards and health outcomes
v. Demonstrate corporate social responsibility


Why Educational Institute Should have dovey?

i. Promote menstrual health and hygiene
ii. Support academic performance
iii. Foster a supportive and inclusive environment
iv. Empower and boost confidence
v. Address equity and social justice


Why Hotels should have Dovey?

i. Enhancing Guest Experience
ii. Promoting Hygiene and Safety
iii. Meeting Diverse Needs
iv. Differentiating from Competitors
v. Supporting Sustainable Practices

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