Stree Sanman

Stree (Meaning in English: Women) Sanman (Meaning in English: Dignity)

Women are blessed with a superpower to keep the human race alive and we are here to help you to carry your power with ease. At the same time, we consider our planet as mother earth thus we are bound to create eco-friendly solutions for society.


Women often face problems during the menstruation cycle with respect to the unavailability of sanitary napkins or disposal of used Sanitary napkins. Our Vision is to enable easy accessibility of Sanitary products and disposal of used products with advanced technology while taking care of the environment.


Our mission is to create an ecosystem with the help of advanced and innovative technology; where women will feel confident during their menstruation cycle and provide an environmentally friendly solution to dispose-off the solid waste.


To provide technological solutions to overcome the struggle a woman faces during her periods by facilitating personal hygiene products with ease.

To provide an eco-friendly disposal solution for the disposal of used sanitary products and solid waste.

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