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Benefits of distributing Stree Sanman ‘MyKit-Suvidha’ in Schools.

Benefits of distributing Stree Sanman ‘MyKit-Suvidha’ in Schools

Benefits of distributing Stree Sanman ‘MyKit-Suvidha’ in Schools.

Students start getting education through schools, and that’s why schools play a significant role in providing education in different topics to their students. Proper education today makes the future bright. That’s why women are getting themselves educated and creating life better for a bright future. The major challenge that women face after reaching the age of 12 is ‘Periods.’ During menarche, girls won’t understand the process; they think that they have got some deadly disease and develop a negative attitude towards periods. During such time, the school can act as a helping hand to educate their female students about periods and distribute Stree Sanman ‘MyKit-Suvidha’ for proper menstrual hygiene.

Maintaining Period Hygiene with Stree Sanman ‘MyKit-Suvidha’:

Providing period education is to female students is essential because considering periods as a disease and developing a negative attitude towards periods will give rise to unhygienic menstrual practices. Such unhygienic menstrual practices will cause various menstrual disorders such as irritation and infection during or after the periods. Schools can provide period education by conducting seminars and workshops. Along with seminars and workshops in period education, distributing Stree Sanman’s ‘MyKit-Suvidha’ will be a cherry on the cake.

About Stree Sanman ‘MyKit-Suvidha’:

‘MyKit-Suvidha’ is a complete menstrual material hygiene kit that helps women maintain menstrual hygiene when outdoors. It contains:

Sr, no Items Nos
1 Premium Sanitary Napkins 14
2 Sanitary Napkin Disposal bags 14
3 Wet tissue 14
4 Dry tissue 14
5 15ml Sanitizer 1

Stree Sanman ‘MyKit-Suvidha’ contains basic materials that help women maintain menstrual hygiene. It will save the lives of many women from various menstrual diseases.


It is estimated that many girls drop out of school because they lack primary sanitation facilities during periods. Distributing Stree Sanman ‘MyKit-Suvidha’ in schools will provide basic menstrual hygiene materials that will help the female students maintain menstrual hygiene and learn how to manage periods. It will also reduce the dropout rate of female students, hence increasing the literacy rate of women. Schools should arrange seminars and workshops where female students should be educated about periods, Menstrual Waste Management, the importance of Menstrual Hygiene, and different types of menstrual diseases and their causes.

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