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Role of Urban Educated Women in sensitizing Tribal Women.

Role of Urban Educated Women in sensitizing Tribal Women.

There has been much awareness drive to destigmatize the menstruation cycle and eliminate the myths associated with periods. In India, there are various myths and taboos related to the menstruation cycle. Menstruating women aren’t allow to enter the kitchen, holy places and are also restricted  from social and religious functions during periods. Tribal women are bound to follow the myths and taboos relate to the menstruation cycle. During periods Tribal women have to live in a small hut. Men are prohibit from touching women during the menstruation cycle. If they do so, they immediately have to take a bath as they too become impure.  

Condition of tribal women during period days:

During the menstruation cycle, tribal women are allot a small hut with no doors or windows. The houses even lack the basic necessity of a washroom facilitated with water and soap for a menstruating woman. As women are not allow to cook during periods, their relatives provide them food and water. Whether the season is summer, rain, or winter, they must follow the rules set for menstruating women. As the hut lacks a door, study reveals that sometimes stray dogs, pigs, and snakes enter the shed, and women have to deal with them alone. Even tribal women or village women are kept in cow or pig sheds in non-hygienic conditions. They are not aware of the menstrual products available in the market. They use other substitutes of sanitary napkins during periods that are unclean and unsafe.  

Role of Urban Educated women in sensitizing Tribal women:

Urban women are much more aware of the hygienic and safe method of managing the menstruation cycle. Only a woman can understand the trouble of other women. To help tribal women, urban women have to unite and take necessary steps to eradicate the myths associated with periods and develop a positive attitude towards periods. 

Tribal females are not comfortable talking about periods, as they believe that period is a sign of impurity. By talking about periods publicly and in front of them, urban women can break the stigma of ‘impurity.’ It will help the them to change their perception towards periods.

On the other hand, as tribal women are not aware of the menstrual products, they continue to cling to the traditional method of using the substitute of sanitary napkins. Urban educated women can help the them with sanitary napkins by installing Stree Sanman Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine. Stree Sanman Sanitary Pad Vending Machine is a device that dispenses sanitary napkins. By installing the Stree Sanman Sanitary Napkin Vending machine, urban women will introduce new, hygienic, and modern ways of managing the menstrual cycle. 

Women need to support other women in society. To change the tribal menstrual scenario, urban educated people have to come forward and make a personal contribution or professional CSR activities. There is a need to support tribal women during the menstruation cycle that will help change the menstrual scenario. Installing Stree Sanman Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine will be a small step towards the betterment of tribal women that will help them with sanitary napkins and encourage them to follow hygienic practices during periods. 

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