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Role of Mother in informing girls about Periods.

Role of Mother in informing girls about Periods.

In Family, the mother plays an important role, especially in the life of a girl. Puberty is a stage of growing, changing, and gaining reproductive power. It is a time between childhood and adulthood where a human body goes through many internal and external changes. During puberty, girls observe menarche. Girls express puberty as the problematic phase and menarche as a sudden and unpleasant incident in adolescence. Many girls freak out when they see bloodstains for the first time due to a lack of period knowledge. Studies state that due to the lack of period education, there are chances that girls create negative attitudes towards periods that can lead to poor menstrual practices. Here, mothers play an important role in providing information to their daughters about periods. 

Mothers role in providing information related to Menstruation Cycle:

As girls face a lot of challenges during puberty. Adequate information from mothers to their daughters during menarche will provide support in the phase of change. Here are three guiding tips for mothers to their daughters during periods.

Adequate information related to periods:

During menarche, girls go through various changes that include both inside and outside. Sudden changes in the body due to periods give rise to numerous questions that the mother can only answer. Therefore, the mother is the most significant source of information through which girls can learn more about periods. It will also save them from various physical, social, and psychological problems that occur in adolescence. So, when a girl gets her first period, the mother should become a friend and provide related information on periods to avoid developing a negative attitude towards the menstruation cycle.

Inform about period products:

Many women use homemade sanitary pads during periods. These pads are made of old used clothes that will cause irritation and infection in our intimate area if used for long hours. Women continue using homemade sanitary pads because their mothers have recommended using this in the absence of Sanitary Napkins. There are numerous types of period products available in shops. It is the responsibility of mothers to make aware of the period products available and state the importance of using these products during the menstruation cycle to their daughters. Mothers should also teach their daughters how to use these products. Proper awareness regarding period products and their usage will save many daughters from various menstrual disorders that are caused due to using old dirty clothes, leaves, sandbags, and ashes during the menstruation cycle.

Guidance on maintaining period hygiene:

During menarche, maintaining period hygiene is an essential task of a girl. As a girl contacts the menstruation cycle for the first time, it becomes a responsibility of a mother to look after maintaining period hygiene. Additionally, mothers should guide their daughters on the ways to sustain period hygiene during the menstruation cycle. They must also shed light on the importance of maintaining period hygiene. Maintaining menstrual hygiene is essential to avoid contacting any unwanted menstrual disorders. 

Concluding the topic:

Mother plays a vital role in providing information related to periods to their daughter. However, even if mothers have enough knowledge related to the menstruation cycle, they cannot share it with her daughter due to social stigma and taboos associated with the menstruation cycle. Additionally, weak relations between mother and teenager can lead to inadequate information related to the most crucial matter, leading to various health and wellness problems. Therefore, to encourage mothers to educate their daughters on the menstruation cycle, one can arrange seminars and workshops for mothers to state the importance of providing period knowledge to their daughters and breaking all the stigma and taboos related to the menstruation cycle. 


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