Period Education

Benefits of distributing Stree Sanman ‘MyKit-Suvidha’ in Schools.

Students start getting education through schools, and that’s why schools play a significant role in providing education in different topics to their students. Proper education today makes the future bright. That’s why women are getting themselves educated and creating life better for a bright future. The major challenge that women face after reaching the age of 12 is ‘Periods.’ During…

Sanitary Napkin Incinerators Installed in Botswana, Africa.

Menstrual Waste Management is one of the problems that has been unreached for many years; due to taboos and social stigma related to the Menstruation Cycle. Menstruation Cycle has always been termed a sign of 'Dirt' and 'Impure' due to which women feel shy to talk about many periods and problems related to it. However, due to increased awareness on…

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