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How to educate your daughter about Periods?

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How to educate your daughter about Periods?

When a girl gets menarche (first period), she wants someone who can provide her with valuable information about the phase she is going through and will be going through in the coming days. The sight of red period stains on their dresses often panics or frightens girls, leading them to worry about contracting a deadly disease. Parents play a vital role in educating a girl child about periods during such times. Here, a mother plays the role of period educator. Educating a girl child about periods is essential to understand the process and develop a positive attitude towards it. This article will help you with a few titles of providing period education to your daughter. 

Early Period Education:

Probably the menstruation starts at the age of 12, but there are chances that a girl might start menstruating at the age of 8 or 9. Parents might find it awkward to talk about periods due to the myths and stigmas associated with periods. It’s better to start with a casual conversation like asking what they know about puberty; and whether they’re familiar with the term “menstruation.” If the answer is “no” and they start asking questions related to menstruation; parents must answer them openly and honestly. Early information about menstruation will help them develop a positive attitude towards periods. 

Familiarity with Period Products:

Every girl should be made familiar with the period products that will be in use during menstruation. Parents must provide information about the importance of using period products. Girls should receive active instruction on using sanitary pads, tampons, and menstrual cups during periods, ensuring they actively change them according to their menstrual flow. Parents should help the girls select suitable sanitary pads during periods. Also, girls should be familiar with eco-friendly period products such as menstrual cups and cloth sanitary pads. Providing knowledge about period products will help a girl choose the best product for her during periods.

Importance of maintaining Menstrual Hygiene:

Maintaining menstrual hygiene is an essential task during periods. Myths that hold women to maintain menstrual hygiene should be eliminated and must forward practical and logical knowledge about maintaining menstrual hygiene periods to girls. Such knowledge will save many girls from various menstrual disorders that are caused due to unhygienic menstrual practices. Girls must be familiar with different products and natural ways that will help them in maintaining menstrual hygiene during periods.

Knowledge about various menstrual disorders:

It is essential to discuss various menstrual disorders and their signs and symptoms with your girl child. It will help her identify any menstrual disorder she is facing and start with immediate medications to avoid further complications. Parents should make a daughter feel comfortable informing about any menstrual problem she faces during, before, or after the periods. 

Wrapping Up:

Due to various stigma and myths associated with periods, women find talking about multiple period issues uncomfortable. When parents talk about periods with their girl child, it will help create menstrual awareness and help make good and healthy choices. Follow these titles to speak with your daughter about periods and help them to develop a positive attitude towards them. 

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