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Importance of Period Safety in Colleges


Importance of Period Safety in Colleges

Millions of girls are studying in schools and colleges to build up their careers and achieve their goals. The college arranges various events for its students. Through events, the college provides multiple opportunities to their students to show their talent or develop new skills that could help them in their careers. Like boys, girls too have equal rights and courage to participate in various activities. But period days make it challenging for female students to show their full potential in performing activities. To help female students during period days, college can set up period safety for female students.

What is Period Safety?

Period safety is a term that will provide safety to women during periods. Women are often shy to talk about periods in public spaces. It is because of various stigma and taboos associated with periods. We can create awareness regarding the menstruation cycle through period safety and can eliminate the stigma related to periods. It is estimated that only 70% of women use sanitary pads during periods. The rest use hand-made sanitary pads made from old cloth, sandbags, dry leaves, newspaper, and tissue papers. It is due to the non-availability or non-affordability of sanitary pads. Period safety ensures easy and affordable availability of sanitary pads to women during menstruation.

Importance of Period Safety in College:

Many students prefer distance learning. Students leave their homes and stay on rent near college locations or hostels to attend lectures timely and avoid delay. Male students and female students choose distance learning due to the lack of proper course availability in nearby colleges. There are many cases in which female students residing don’t have appropriate medical shops to access sanitary pads easily. In such a situation, colleges can provide sanitary pads to their female students.
During college events, male and female students participate in various competitions that last more than college hours. If a female student is on her periods or gets a period during such events, installing proper sanitation facilities will allow them to maintain menstrual hygiene during periods. Conducting seminars on the menstruation cycle will help increase awareness regarding periods and help eliminate the stigma and myths related to periods.

How to help female students with the availability of Sanitary Pads in College?

Sanitary pads are the most preferred period products during periods. As there are millions of female students in a college, installing Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine will provide hassle-free sanitary pads. A Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine is a device that dispenses the sanitary pad from the machine. It avoids rushing to the medical shops during emergencies to purchase a new pack of sanitary pads. It will be best to buy Stree Sanman Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine because it contains UV lights that disinfect the sanitary pads inside the machine, making it safe to use directly from the device.

Wrapping Up:

Educational institutions such as schools and colleges are the first source of knowledge to students. After school, colleges provide a range of opportunities to help students discover their capabilities and choose the right path towards their careers. But for female students, it becomes very challenging to participate in various activities during periods. The reasons include lack of period product availability, period embarrassment, and lack of proper sanitation facilities in colleges. Colleges can conduct seminars to increase awareness regarding the menstruation cycle and develop adequate sanitation facilities for female students. Lastly, installing the Stree Sanman Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine will help in the safe, easy, and affordable availability of sanitary pads to female students. All these will lead to the setup of Period Safety in Colleges.

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