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Now no need to Carry your Sanitary Pads all the time!

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Why carry sanitary pad everywhere, when you can get it easily? Why be too conscious of carrying this Menstruation napkin? Yes! We can now get it when in need as it is available via Vending Machine. It is called Stree Sahay (Sanitary Pad Vending Machine). It is the immediate access to Sanitary Napkins when in an emergency. Now no need to Carry your Sanitary Pads all the time!

Stree Sahay is an automatic machine, through which one can get the required sanitary pad. It is a self-service machine and one can avail this service in exchange of coins.

This machine has many features like:

1. It is Automatic.
2. It is coin operated and has battery backup.
3. Storage capacity  7 Napkins, 14 Napkins, 28 napkins, 40 Napkins, 80 Napkins.
4. Coins used in Rupees  1, 2, 5, 10
5. The Napkins are folded.
6. Where is it available – Corporate Offices, Malls, Shopping Centres, Hospitals, Schools and Colleges.
7. Due to Sanitary pad vending machine, there is Privacy and Independence.
8. Round the clock available.
9. No more stress, or embarrassment.

Due to this facility, one can avoid carrying a sanitary pad everywhere. It is always suggest to use the pad for only 6 to 8 hours, women and girls can avail this facility and avoid unwanted health issues. Women generally hesitate using a sanitary pad or even talking about it in public.

They even avoid buying pads from shops. Many schools going girls drop out because they start menstruation and thus do not have any knowledge or information about sanitary pads.70 percent of women cannot afford the sanitary pads, so have to use dirty cloth, mud, etc. Thus this sanitary pad vending machine helps in solving all these problems.

Last Talk:

Kerala became the first state to install this sanitary napkin vending machine in Government schools. This gives a positive message to other schools and states. Stree Sahay is available online and can be purchase via The website give the facility of cash on delivery and free shipping*.

Airport Authority of India (AAI) is now going to install a sanitary pad vending machine at all Airports, across the country. Till date, 19 airports have this machine. A lady attendant will be there to guide the passengers according to their convenience. This has all been done in collaboration with NGO’s.

Therefore, the availability of sanitary pad vending machine must be accessible in corporate, schools, colleges, malls, restaurants and rural areas.

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