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Schools in Meghalaya install a Sanitary Pad Vending Machine.

Schools in Meghalaya install a Sanitary Pad Vending Machine.

Many NGOs and Corporate Firms are constantly trying to reach out to school-studying girls; to benefit them from free and easy access to sanitary napkins during periods. Schools set up in both urban and rural areas need to install Sanitary Pad Vending Machine; so that girls studying in schools will be saved from the embarrassment; that will also protect them from mental trauma; caused due to embarrassment. Just like Schools in Meghalaya installs Sanitary Pad Vending Machine. Girls get their first period in school. It becomes the responsibility of schools to provide period education to girls studying in schools. When she faces her first period, she won’t panic and can handle the whole situation. Concepts such as:

  • Menstruation Cycle,
  • Period Products,
  • Period Hygiene and 
  • Menstrual disorders

It is crucial to have discussions. With the virtue of the Internet, there are many concepts related to the menstruation cycle explained through videos and posts. But despite web knowledge, period education must be provided in educational institution, and a Sanitary napkin vending machine must be installed at every educational institution in every country.

Schools in Meghalaya installs Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine and Incinerators:

On February 20, The Rotary Club of Shillong installed two sets of manually operated Sanitary Pad Vending Machine for girls at two schools, namely;

  • St. Joseph Higher Secondary School, Pynthorbah.
  • Sacred Heart Girls Higher Secondary School, Mawlai.

The Sanitary Pad Vending Machine installed in both schools contains 25 biodegradable pads dispensed after inserting five rupee coins. The Sanitary Pad Vending Machine installation is a project that was sanctioned under the District Grant 2019-2020 of Rotary International. Additionally, both the schools have installed Sanitary Pad Incinerators with low production of ash, where the female students can destroy the used sanitary napkin. 

Summing up:

It is an extraordinary step for female students who can easily access sanitary napkins through Sanitary Pad Vending Machine during the menstruation cycle. 

Stree Sanman is a leading Sanitary Napkins Vending Machine manufacturer with UV light protection and Smokeless Incinerators who have installed more than 1000 machines at various locations. Stree Sanman is continuously making an effort to ensure that every woman gets easy and free access to sanitary napkins through Sanitary Napkins Vending Machine. Not only does it provide easy access, but it also ensures that the used Sanitary Napkin is environmentally friendly destroyed.


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