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6 Period Hacks for a Happy and Comfortable Period

6 Period Hacks for a Happy and Comfortable Period

Every woman faces the menstrual cycle every month, which lasts for 3 to 7 days. Those days are the most painful and annoying for every woman. During those days, women go through lots of changes in their bodies. She faces mood swings, anxiety, headache, bloating, fatigue, and many such problems. The worst problem she experiences is Menstrual cramps. The pain is like cutting off flesh from the body. It makes those days more worse for a woman. The women around us suggest many hacks to save us from those days. We will see some survival hacks so that every woman can have a happy period.

Hack 1: Have a Quick Shower

Hack 1: Shower

Women use sanitary napkins, tampons, and menstrual cups during periods. It is essential to maintain menstrual hygiene during periods. Starting your day with a quick shower will remove the bacteria, avoid odor, and makes you feel fresh throughout the day. It will work magic if you have a steamy shower during periods. Taking a steamy shower will clean your body, and it will also improve your mood.

Hack 2: Have a light and healthy breakfast:

Hack 2: Healthy breakfast

We should never skip our breakfast! Include a bowl of leafy vegetables, fruits, and nuts in your diet. Avoid having deep fry foods, sugary foods, fatty meat, heavy dairy foods, and processed salty food. Skip having coffee or tea during your periods. Having a light and healthy breakfast will boost your energy, and it will also reduce cramps. 

Hack 3: Hot Water for Cramp Relief:

Hack 3: Hot Water therapy

 Due to period cramps, women are unable to concentrate on their daily work. Cramps are the only reason where women feel that they need rest. Hot water can relieve women from period cramps. 

What do you need to do?

Take a hot water bag and fill it with hot water, now place it on your lower belly. Instead of a hot water bag, you can also use a steel bottle. This hack has proven to be the best from ancient times. The warmth of heating will reduce period cramps, stimulate the blood flow, and make you feel relaxed.

Hack 4: Comfy Clothing:

Hack 4: Comfy clothing

Wearing comfortable clothes during periods will make you feel comfy and relieved. Opt to wear cotton clothes, plazos, Kurtis, skirts during periods.

Hack 5: Try Yoga poses to ease the pain:

It’s said that we should not do any physical exercise during periods. Women avoid doing gym and physical activities during periods. But, one can practice yoga poses to ease the pain. There are millions of videos available on social media sites. It will help stretch your muscles, reduce cramps, improve your mood, and help you feel fresh and relaxed throughout the day.

Hack 6: Turmeric Milk:

In India, if anyone is suffering from any pain, it is believed that having turmeric milk helps to relieve the pain. You can have turmeric milk at night before going to sleep. The milk will relax the muscle, and the turmeric will help to reduce cramps. Having turmeric milk will help to improve the mood as well.

These six hacks will surely make you feel comfortable during your periods and ensure a happy and hygienic menstruation cycle.

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