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Webinar on Menstruation Cycle with Dr. Aditi Bolke.

Webinar on Menstruation Cycle with Dr. Aditi Bolke.

The menstruation cycle is a prevalent topic which everyone knows but feel shy to talk about it. People also named the Menstruation cycle ‘Periods.’ Women go through many problems during their menstruation cycle. She hesitates to discuss these problems with other women because of society’s stereotype of the Menstruation Cycle. On 29 November 2020 Sunday, a webinar was presented by Stree Sanman on the Menstruation cycle to break this stereotype. 

The title of the webinar was ‘Menstruation Cycle- The Problems and the Solutions.’ The guest of this webinar was Dr. Aditi Bolke, who has completed her MBBS from BKL Walawalkar Rural Medical College, which is affiliated with Maharashtra University of Health Science, Nashik. In this webinar, there were many topics covered by Dr. Aditi Bolke related to the menstruation cycle. This was a one hour webinar where Dr. Aditi Bolke revealed many unknown and interesting facts about the Menstruation cycle.

Dr. Aditi Bolke started the webinar with a presentation. The topics covered were:

  • Infection
  • Uterine Fibroid
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Endometriosis and Adenomyosis
  • PCOS

Menstruation cycle: The Problems and the solutions:

Dr.Aditi Bolke started by explaining the Women’s Reproductive organ, explaining each organ’s roles during the menstruation cycle. Then she explains the infection, in which she mentions the causes of infection and the problem related to infection which a woman faces during the menstruation cycle. Dr. Aditi started Uterine Fibroid by saying that it’s a common non-cancerous tumor in the reproductive system, creating problems such as heavy bleeding and pain. 

Next, she talked about Pelvic pain, which is very common during the menstruation cycle, and many women face. She also states the causes of pelvic pain and its classification. Dr. Aditi switched to Endometriosis, which can be in the scar if the patient has gone through cesarean section delivery in the past few years. It is a severe issue that needs immediate treatment to the patient. Lastly, she talked about PCOS, which many of us are aware of. Dr. Aditi said that nowadays, PCOS is found in every girl who needs immediate treatment.

Before completing every topic, Dr. Aditi gave a proper solution to the problem. Solutions include both Medical and Natural Treatments to the issues. Many viewers joined the webinar. At the end of the presentation, viewers asked about some of the menstruation problems they face or seen in other women who were suffering. Dr. Aditi gave relevant answers to the questions by explaining the actual cause and a solution to it.

Best Part of the Webinar:

Here comes the best part of the webinar where Dr. Aditi Bolke gave a few menstruation hygiene tips to the attendees. She also shared many facts related to the menstruation cycle with the viewers. In this webinar, she also stated that these were few and the most widespread problems women face nowadays. Due to the taboo related to India’s menstruation cycle, women cannot discuss the issue related to periods. There is an urgent need to delete this taboo so that women do not hesitate to discuss the problems related to periods. 

Lastly, Stree Sanman, the leading manufacturer of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine and Smokeless Incinerators, gave a flat 20% discount on MyKit-Suvidha. As Dr. Aditi said, it essential to maintain menstruation hygiene during periods, Stree Sanman has launched MyKiy-Suvidha, a complete pack of Menstruation hygiene care. It includes:

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Final Thought:

This webinar stated the importance of breaking the taboo related to the menstruation cycle. Many women are suffering from Menstruation Cycle problems, but they hesitate to talk about it. We need to understand that it is nothing impure to share the issues related to the menstruation cycle. People will get to know the problems and can also help women to get immediate treatment. Let’s decide to break the stereotype and create awareness about the issues related to the Menstruation cycle. 

To watch the webinar, click on the link given below!

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