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Ways to maintain Period Hygiene during Summer.

Vaginal Discharge_ Normal v_s Abnormal

Ways to maintain Period Hygiene during Summer.

Summer is fun, but it comes with sweat, and with sweat comes lots of dirt and bacteria, which leads to infection, irritation, and rashes on the skin. It mainly occurs in the intimate area, and during periods, it becomes very challenging to handle both Period and sweat.

Maintaining Period hygiene is essential to save yourself from various types of infection, irritation, and rashes during the menstruation cycle. Summers make it difficult for women to manage mood swings, period cramps, and sweat in the intimate area during periods. Additionally, problems such as foul smell and increased white discharge due to sweat are another chapter. To prevent yourself from these problems, here are few ways to maintain period hygiene during summer.

Ways to maintain Period hygiene during summer:

  • Wash your intimate area whenever you pee. It will help you to remove sweat from your private area and will leave it fresh. Accumulation of sweat in an intimate area will generate bacteria that will further lead to infection and rashes. It is not essential to use soap to clean your private area every time. One can wash it with clean water to remove the sweat and dirt from it.
  • Wear clean and washed panties during summer. Avoid using the same panties for multiple days. It will be ideal for wearing cotton panties during periods in summer. Wearing panties made of synthetic cloth will lead to excessive sweat, making you feel uncomfortable. Cotton panties will be airy and will work best during periods. 
Choose cotton pads during summer.

Few sanitary napkins have gel absorbents, and using those sanitary napkins during summer will cause sweat and make you feel uncomfortable. During summers, choosing cotton pads that absorb more and more menstrual bleeding will make you feel comfortable and relaxed during periods.

  • Don’t forget to change your sanitary napkins after every 2-3 hours during summer. During summer, along with your vaginal bleeding, sweat also gets absorbed in your sanitary pad. Hence, making it feel heavier and wet. So, it will be best to change your sanitary pads during periods after every 2-3 hours during summer to prevent yourself from any bacterial infection and irritation.
  • Wear loose clothes during summer. During periods, women love to wear loose clothes and so in summer. Wearing loose clothes will allow air to pass by, making periods of days more comfortable for women.
  • The occurrence of infection and rashes during summer in intimate areas is quite frequent. Infection and rashes lead to irritation and itchiness. It is highly advised to seek a doctor’s help and start with a proper treatment to avoid any further problems, while some rashes go away with passing time.
  • Before applying any cream or liquid to clean your intimate area, it is ideal to discuss it with a doctor. Get complete knowledge of the substance that you are using to maintain Period hygiene during summer. Or you can ask the doctor to suggest any cream or liquid avoid any rashes or infection due to sweat in an intimate area during Period in summer.

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Last talk:

Above were some of the best ways to maintain Period hygiene and intimate hygiene during scorching summer. Keep your private area clean and fresh during periods in summer, choose cotton sanitary napkins to make you feel more comfortable, and avoid applying any cream or liquid to clean your intimate area without the doctor’s consent. 

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