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Stay healthy by avoiding these foods in this Scorching summer!

Stay healthy by avoiding these foods in this Scorching summer!

Summer is a season of rising heat, increased temperature, beaches, calm waters, and vacation. Summer is up for three months starts from April and ends in June mid. With the rising temperature and heat, one should pay more attention to their health and stay healthy. Staying hydrated by including lots of fluids in your diet is essential to avoid the problem of dehydration during summer. Additionally, one should also avoid foods that may give rise to various health problems. So, here are some foods to avoid during summer to stay healthy throughout the season.

Foods to avoid during summer:

  • Non-veg food (fish, meat, and chicken)
  • Tea and coffee
  • Spicy food
  • Dairy foods
  • Fried Foods

Summer food to avoid

Non-veg food (fish, meat, and chicken):

Non-veg foods contain heat and also takes a long time to digest. It leads to digestive problems and also increases the heat inside the body. Avoid eating fishes such as prawns, meat, red meat, and oily gravy chicken. Instead, one can enjoy mixed veggies, vegetable soup, homemade chilled fruit juices to keep yourself hydrated and maintain your fitness.

Summer food to avoid

Tea and Coffee:

Tea and coffee are hot beverages that increase the heat of the body. It leads to more sweat and makes you feel dehydrated, making your face appear flushed. Instead of tea and coffee, one can opt for fresh orange juice or lime juice to make you feel hydrated and fresh. One can also include buttermilk in the diet. It is healthy, reduces the heat in your body and makes you feel calm and fresh.

Summer food to avoid

Spicy food:

India is famous for the variety of spices. Indians cannot exclude spices from their foods. Without spices, Indian food becomes tasteless. But, during summer, it is essential to avoid spicy foods. Spices such as cardamom, black pepper, and much more heat the body, making you feel exhausted. So, it will be ideal to avoid spicy food during summer.

Dairy foods:

People often love to sip cold and thick milkshakes to feel calm and relaxed. But remember that too much intake of dairy products can lead to ailments during summer. Dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter can lead to abnormal fermentation. High-temperature outside also increases the temperature of the body, and intake of dairy products causes indigestion.

Fried foods:

During the rainy season, people love to have fried food such as pakora, samosa, with a cup of tea or coffee. But these foods are unhealthy during summer that leaves you bloated, makes your skin oiler. It also gives rise to many skin problems such as acne and pimples. It also triggers digestive issues such as acidity. Avoid fried food during summer; one can have crunchy veggies such as carrots and cucumber that are good for your health and skin.

Final Thought:

One should avoid foods such as fish, meat, chicken, tea, coffee, spicy food, oily food, dairy food, and fried food during summer. Stick to healthy foods to maintain your fitness.


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