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Foods to eat and to beat the heat this summer.

Foods to eat and to beat the heat this summer.

Summer is the season where your body needs lots of care. With every passing day, the summer heat is rising, and with the rising heat, we need to make a slight change in our daily diet to maintain our body’s heat. Summer is the season where you enjoy lots of cool drinks and light food to maintain fitness. Having heavy and spicy food may leave you in a situation where your body gets heat up, you may face digestive problems, making you feel exhausted. So, it is essential to maintain a healthy diet during summer. Here are some of the cooling foods to eat to keep your body cool from within during summer.

Lime Juice:

Food to eat: Lime Juice

In India, Lime juice is one of the most loved and favorite juices of the Indians. In India, Lime Juice is called ‘ Nimbu Pani.’ Citrus food works magic for detoxification and for boosting immunity. Additionally, it has an incredible cooling effect on your body.

To make lime Juice:

  • Take a glass of chilled water.
  • Squeeze half lime juice 
  • Add 2tbsp of sugar
  • Add a pinch of salt
  • Mix it well

And that’s it; your healthy and refreshing lime juice is ready to serve. One can also add mint leaves and chat masala to make it more tasty, healthy, and refreshing.

Bottle gourd:


Bottle gourd, which is called ‘lauki’ in India, is one of the food that will make you feel light and keep you healthy. It has the best medical properties with 96% water content. One can make a bottle of gourd juice that will help you to keep yourself hydrated and make you feel calm. One can also enjoy bottle gourd soup at breakfast or evening snack. Bottle gourd juice keeps your body hydrated and also helps to cure problems such as diarrhea and constipation. Make sure if you have problems with blood pressure, don’t add salt to your Juice. Instead, you can add rock salt and enjoy the drink. Rock salt will help you to balance your blood pressure.


Food to eat: Radish

Radish that is also called ‘Muli’ in India is also an excellent food to eat during summer. Radish is rich in water content and contains vitamin C that will save you from dehydration. It also has antioxidants agents that help to reduce body heat. One can consume radish by peeling the outer skin, or you can also add radish on dals to make the cuisine more tasty and healthy. 

Coconut Water:

Coconut water is the most preferred drink during summer. People love to drink coconut water in the early morning after a workout. Coconut water contains vital minerals, and it’s full of electrolytes. It is the magic drink for people suffering from various diseases such as cancer. In summer, people love to drink coconut water throughout the year because it is natural and contains anti-aging properties. Dieticians also suggest drinking coconut water daily to maintain health and fitness.

Watermelon and Cucumber:

Watermelon and Cucumber is a liquid food that contains lots of food in it. During summer, watermelon acts as an internal air conditioner and provides your body with lots of water, saving your body from dehydration. Cucumber contains fiber and also high on hydrating properties. One can have Cucumber during lunch. Regularly consuming Cucumber will help you to maintain body heat hence keeping you fit during summer.

Final Thought:

Above were foods to eat during summer to keep yourself hydrated and maintain your fitness during summer. Never skip your workout during summer, and to refresh yourself, have incredible drinks such as coconut water, lime juice, and bottle gourd juice. Other than that, you can include radish, bottle gourd, Cucumber and watermelons to reduce your body heat during summer.



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