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Tips for maintaining healthy skin during Summer.

Tips for maintaining healthy skin during Summer.

It’s the month of March, and the scorching summer is almost up!

As this season gets more intense, our skin shouts for more and more protection. It is essential to prevent our skin from sunburns, rashes, and acne during summer. During summer, the weather gets warmer, and humidity increases in the environment, due to which sebaceous glands in our skin produce excess sebum. When the oil is secreted, it gets stuck on the skin’s surface, leading to increased stickiness, blocked pores, and grease. 

During summer, people with oily skin suffer from the problem of acne. The bacteria present in the skin get mixed with the sweat that causes clogged pores and acne. Additionally, during the summer season, our skin is exposed to harmful UV rays, our skin gets damaged. Melanin is present in our skin, which is excessively produced during the summer season to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Due to excessive production of Melanin, our skin appears to be darker hence results in tanned skin. 

Here are a few tips for healthy skin during summer. Continue to read the full article!

Wash your face:

The summer season creates more oil in the skin. Oily skin attracts more germs and dirt, and if they sit on your skin for a long time, it will harm your skin, leading to itchiness and irritation on your skin. Wash your face frequently to avoid dirt and germs penetrated the skin. Exfoliate your skin to remove excess dirt and oil from your skin. Choose the cleansers that suit your skin.

Washing your face thrice a day is sufficient to maintain healthy skin during summer.

Go for light makeup in summers!:

Girls cannot skip makeup when they are stepping out of the home. But it’s essential to avoid applying heavy makeup to your skin during summer. Our skin needs to breathe, and using heavy makeup doesn’t allow it. Nowadays, some creams protect our skin from harmful UV rays and also give us a makeup look. One can also choose a tinted moisturizer and a tinted lip balm during summers. Avoid applying heavy foundation and other cosmetics to make your skin feel light and free during summers.

Sunscreen is a must:

Sunscreen is more critical than any other element during summer to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Sun’s UV-A rays and UV-B rays can prove to be very harsh during summer. They not only give you tanned skin but also leads to premature aging, wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. Sunscreen with SPF-30-50 will work magic during summer. It suits all skin types. It is recommended to apply Sunscreen multiple times if you go swimming during the summer season.

Keep yourself hydrated:

Hydration is an essential part, not only during the summer season but in every season. Eat juicy fruits and seasonal fruits to keep yourself hydrated. Drink more and more water even when you don’t feel thirsty. It is essential to keep yourself hydrated so that your skin looks glow from the outside and healthy from the inside. Splashing water on your face to eliminate sweat and oil on the skin’s surface and make you feel refreshed. 

Bath twice a day during summer:

The summer season comes with lots of sweat, oil, dirt, and germs in our bodies. Bathing twice a day will make you feel fresh and comfortable; and also, it will remove the dirt, oil, and sweat from the body, allowing your skin to breathe. A cool bath at night will make you feel relaxed.  

Wearing clothes made of cotton fabric:

Wearing clothes made of synthetic fabric will make you feel uncomfortable and also increases sweat and irritation on the skin. It also gives rise to rashes on the skin, which eventually leads to itching and sweating. It would be excellent to wear clothes made of cotton fabric that will allow air to pass through your body and hence it will make you feel comfortable. Also, avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes during the summer season. 

Last Talk:

It is true that with the changing season, we need to modify the skin routine because every season is different, and it has an impact on our skin. These were few tips through which one can maintain good and healthy skin throughout the summer season. It is ideal for applying Sunscreen during summer to avoid skin tan and keep glowing skin. 

Follow these tips and enjoy the summers!

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