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Most common skincare mistakes by women.

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Most common skincare mistakes by women.

Women, driven by their obsession with skin, often commit common skincare mistakes. They meticulously research beauty and skincare products online and desire the same healthy and glowing skin as celebrities. This leads to the prevalence of celebrity endorsements in beauty ads. Interestingly, the younger generation is now gravitating towards ayurvedic skincare alternatives.

It is the reason that many brands are including ayurvedic ingredients in their products. It’s good to be selective towards various brands, especially in beauty and skincare products. Additionally, one must also need to maintain a proper skincare routine and even know about skincare mistakes that will make their skin more dull and full of flaws. If you are not aware of the skincare mistake, you must read this article because it will unbox the most common skincare mistake that every woman should know. 

 Excessive washing of face:

Excessive washing of the face will make your skin dry, and it will trigger sebum production hence causing more acne on the skin. I have met with many women who wash their skin in the morning while bathing, in the evening, and at night before going to bed. It is absolute wastage of product and causes more damage to your skin. It’s essential to clean your skin, but if you are washing your face several times a day, it will remove all the essential oil and goodness of the skin, making your skin dry. Using facewash while washing your face twice a day is more than enough to clean your skin.

Scrubbing with pressure and your palms:

Scrubbing your face once a week is essential for proper cleaning of the face. Most importantly, you must know how to scrub your face. Women scrub their face with palms that will harm your skin hence causing rashes and redness after wash. On the contrary, women put excessive products on their face while scrubbing, which is wrong. While scrubbing first, you must wash your face, then you need to take a little amount of the product and use your fingertips and gently scrub your face with a circular motion with least or no pressure. Always start using your product on the nose and then on the other area of the face.  

Don’t forget to use sunscreen:

Sunscreen should be the must-have product in your bag. It is necessary to use sunscreen in the daytime and, most notably, while you step out from home. Applying sunscreen saves our skin from sunburn and premature aging. Sunscreen provides a protective shield to your skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays and prevents you from skin cancer. Select your sunscreen as per your skin requirements.

Pillow Cases:

We often use pillowcases for a week or two. One must change their pillowcases every 3-4 days. It is because all the dirt, oil, and sweat get absorbed by the pillowcase. Continuing using them for several days can harbor bacteria, cause allergies and acne to your skin. It’s better to change them regularly. Using fresh pillowcases will benefit both skin and hair. 

Skincare products on the neck:

The neck is affected by the pull of gravity sooner than any other part of the body. It can lead to sagging. It is essential to apply beauty and skincare products to the neck. Apply SPF in day time and night cream at night. It would be awesome if you did not forget your neck while scrubbing and washing. 

Don’t sleep with your makeup:

Using makeup for long hours can have a severe effect on your skin. Your skin will be prone to various infections and irritations if you sleep for even one night. Always use micellar water to remove your makeup. Wash your face with a face wash and apply night cream or moisturizer before going to bed. It will help you keep your skin moisturized throughout the night, and it will also provide a morning glow to your skin. 

Lastly, above are a few mistakes that are made while maintaining healthy skin. One must avoid these Skincare mistakes and can get desired healthy and glowy skin. Additionally, it is vital to select your beauty or skincare product according to your skin requirement, and they should have proper knowledge about when and how to use the product. 

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