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Employment opportunities for Women to build Careers.

Employment opportunities for Women to build Careers.

Life of a girl filled with lots of sacrifices as compared to gain. Earlier, women were force to be indoors and do household work. She was not allowed to choose her Career because she was termed as a liability of the house. That’s why the scenario of child marriage was introduce where young girls were forced to marry a man. Things got changed slowly and steadily due to the emergence of extraordinary personalities such as Savitribai Phule, Sonia Gandhi, Kalpana Chawla, Pratibha Patil, and many such characters who encourage women to choose their Career where only boys were allowed. Women are now giving neck to neck competition to men, and they are doing their best and proving their capabilities. Thanks to the Government, which is continuously striving to provide equal opportunities to women in a male-dominated society. Nowadays, women are smarter than men who know what is appropriate in their life. Women are not only capable but have a passion for their dream. Here are some of the best employment opportunities for women to design their Careers and achieve their goals.

Teaching Job:

Remember Savitribai Phule? She was the first women teacher to educate women and taught women about the right to education. For many years, teaching jobs for women were the first choice. Teaching is consider a respectful job because it brings the satisfaction of nurturing next generation professionals. Teaching jobs don’t end within school and college premises; women can also open their tuition classes. It will double the income. 

The job of Fitness trainer:

Nowadays people are becoming more fitness conscious, especially the youths. Women are facing a lot of issues related to weight gain. So, there is a demand for female fitness trainers in gyms and yoga classes. Women are more obsessed with getting a perfect body like celebs as compared to men. Fitness trainer is the best job for those women who know a lot about yoga, exercise, and diet to help other women get fat to fit body. One can also open yoga classes or youtube channels in the gym to guide every woman with her yoga poses and diet.

 Job in Entertainment Industry:

Everyone wants to see themselves on the big screen. It is the best job for women who can act, dance, and is not camera conscious. There are around 3.5 million people who are employ in this industry both directly and indirectly. Starting from acting, modeling, makeup artist, and singing is generating more employment opportunities for women. Bollywood is one of the most significant industries where it is searching for new faces as per change in the trend.  

Beautician or cosmetic job:

It is the most trending job nowadays. One can easily design their Career in beauty and cosmetics by doing a beautician course from a recognized beauty school. According to recent studies, India is the second-largest consumer of cosmetic products, and the demand for cosmetic products will increase in the coming days. However, Covid-19 has shut the doors of many parlors, but an option such as home-salon is the ray of hope for many women in this field. 

Banking job:

Working in a bank is also one of the most respectable jobs for ladies and promising career growth. The banking exam gives many women opportunities to build their careers in both private and public sector banks. Basic Knowledge about the industry, Best communication skills, and customer handling skills are required for a candidate to become an employee in the bank. It is one of the good-paying jobs for women.

Concluding the topic, there are many employment opportunities where women can make their careers, but above were some of the most loved jobs by women. Many women find it challenging to decide which Career will be best for them. One can consult a counselor before stepping forward towards a particular career.  

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