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Does Work From Home is a useful option for Women?

Does Work From Home is a useful option for Women?

The outbreak of Covid-19 has changed everyone’s lifestyle. A vast difference is observed between life before and after the outburst of Covid-19. People are cautious while stepping out from home. However, the whole world has resumed its work, but there is a change in working. As it has been compulsory to maintain social distancing and avoid stepping out from home when not essential, companies have asked their employees to work from home.

Work from home is a method of working where employees will do their official activities from home. It avoids the employees visiting the workplace or office campus to do their office work. It sounds comfortable for employees as they don’t need to travel, and it also saves time, and it also helps employees log in on time as it avoids delay to the office. It also sounds beneficial for women as they will be working from home safely. But does work from home is a productive activity, especially for a woman employee?

Women have a lot of household work. Especially for a married woman and has children, it becomes tough to manage both personal and professional life. However, for women working from home for a long time, it will not be a challenge to manage both lifestyles, while other women who are working from home for the first time may find it tough to do it. 

Here are some challenges faced by every woman who Works From Home.

Challenges Faced by women who Works From Home:

Work-Life Imbalance

It is challenging for a woman to handle both family and office. It is hard to decide for women whether to prioritize family or office. Those women who have children created a hurdle to concentrate on their office work. Especially during festive times when guests visit their place, it becomes challenging to prioritize office work, thus creating work-life imbalance. 

Increases Stress

Work from home increases the stress of women. Women have to distribute equal hours to household work and office work. Many offices assign day-to-day activities for their employees, but if a woman fails to complete the task, it creates stress for them, which ultimately affects a woman’s mental health.

 Working for long hours

Unable to complete the task at the given time increases the stress. Women who believe in completing the job on the same day, because of some uncertainties, fail to meet the task in-office time, sit long hours to complete their tasks and report to their bosses. Working for long hours on a laptop and computer affects a human body’s vision, mind, and physique. 

 Lowers productivity

It is somewhat true that we cannot give our complete 9 hours to the company when working from home. It happens with not only women employees but also with men employees. Women need to see household activities and office activities; they cannot give her 9 hours to the company. Thus, it lowers the productivity of the work.  

Fear of losing a job

 Lowers the productivity of the work, the fear of losing the job increases. Due to high levels of stress, women will not be able to concentrate on their job and lower productivity. The miscommunication problem often creates a wrong impression in the workplace and thus levels up the fear of losing the job. 

Increases responsibility

When a woman is at her home, there are a lot of activities which she needs to perform. But if she is a working woman who works from home, it’s responsible for taking care of her family and completing the office activities. Thus, it increases the duties of women. 

It isn’t easy to decide whether Work From Home is beneficial for women. It becomes the responsibility of the office to take care of their women employees during this lockdown period. There are many solutions to the above challenges, but the one best solution to these problems is Time Management. Proper time management will help reduce the stress level, lowering the fear of losing the job as time management increases productivity. Proper time management is the only solution to the above challenges. On the other hand, to maintain both physical and mental health, one can perform yoga. 

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