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Stress and it’s effects on the Menstrual cycle.

Stress and it’s effects on the Menstrual cycle.

Stress is a part of everyone’s life. It is the reason for many unwanted diseases. Women need to complete their responsibilities of both personal and professional life. She needs to maintain balance in both lives, resulting in increased stress. Pandemic situations like covid-19 have increased stress levels in everyone’s life. Losing jobs, loss in business, and sitting idle at home has increased the tension level. Women who are working from home need to balance both personal and professional life during a covid-19 pandemic. 

When combined with an increased level of hormone, untreated stress creates a wreaked havoc in daily working. It can welcome various mental diseases such as loss of appetite, insomnia, and anxiety. Read the full article and get to know how increased it affects the menstrual cycle. 

Stress can trigger a longer menstrual cycle: 

Whenever the new month starts, women are worried about their periods whenever they step out of the home. When the period hits women, she prays that the period gets over soon and returns to everyday life. Women get stressed on various walks of life that can lead to longer menstrual cycles. Stress leads to delay in ovulation; women will, unfortunately, experience longer menstrual cycles.

It leads to delay in ovulation:

The stress created complexities for certain hormones to get triggered and released on time, leading to a delay in ovulation. Delay in ovulation can lead to period irregularities hence avoiding periods to start on the predicted time. Additionally, delay in periods will also create tension as women will start worrying that something is wrong. Before she encounters the problem, she will be under the trap of anxiety.

Delayed ovulation can lead to further complications during pregnancy, especially those women who had suffered from fertility problems in the past.

Stress and PMS symptoms:

Stress can worsen the PMS Symptoms. PMS is Premenstrual Syndrome that every 10 out of 9 women face before periods hit them. It ranges from mood swings, headache, bloating, and finally ends up with period cramps. Mixing stress and anxiety with fluctuating hormones and mood swings can be the worst Premenstrual syndrome that a woman will experience. It will affect women not only physically but also mentally.  

Lastly, it is essential to keep a constant track of  levels to avoid affecting the women’s body’s most critical function: the menstruation cycle. Balancing stress levels will help to maintain good mental health as well as it will also ensure a healthy and regular menstrual cycle. It will also save women from various health-related risks. There are multiple ways to manage anxiety, such as exercise and yoga, that will protect you from complicated medical conditions. However, women experiencing an increased level of stress need to seek immediate treatment from a doctor. 

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