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How to obviate Anxiety attacks to live a healthy life?

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How to obviate Anxiety attacks to live a healthy life?

Have you felt unhappy and hopeless when you have everything you always wanted or pushed away from the person who means a lot to you, and then you start hating yourself? It is Anxiety. 

WHO (World Health Organization) earlier predicted that by the end of 2020, nearly 20% of the population would suffer from Mental illness. It means that today, around 200 million Indians are facing mental illness, and the outbreak of Coronavirus/Covid-19 is worsening the situation. According to a recent study, mental conditions such as anxiety, anger, sleep disturbances, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorders are likely to be observed due to quarantine’s psychological impact. 

Anxiety attacks are widespread nowadays, but it can be hazardous for some people. Basal Ganglia is a set of large structures near the brain and is the reason behind the integration of thought, feeling, movement, and motivation. Anxiety attacks are frequently plagued with fear, panic attacks, chest pain, headaches, tension, and insomnia. These symptoms can trigger the feeling of nervousness and encourage to indulge in thoughts that can cause harm to mental and physical health. 

Tips for obviating Anxiety Attacks:


Yoga is proven to be very useful to get rid of various diseases. Many doctors, along with prescribing medication, also advised practicing yoga. To reduce anxiety attacks, you must give your mind time to be relaxed by practicing yoga every morning. Get up early in the morning, go for a morning walk, feel the environment outside, listen to soft music and refresh yourself. 

Breathing control:

It is when you get anxiety attacks. People don’t keep track of their breathing patterns while they get panic attacks. One should slow down breathing, and inhale from the nose and exhale from the mouth. Rapid breathing during panic attacks will decrease the brain’s oxygen, hence resulting in panic attacks and fear. On the contrary, if you slow down your breathing, it will help the oxygen to reach your brain, thus allowing you to come back to control.

Check on the diet:

If you are suffering from a problem of anxiety, then you must restructure your diet plan. It is essential when anxiety is one of the symptoms of PMS (Premenstrual Symptoms). Avoid alcohol and caffeine and include protein and complex carbohydrates in your diet. Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated. Limit your fast foods and eat healthy food such as green vegetables, juicy fruits, seasonal fruits, and nuts. 

Face every situation:

Be fearless! Don’t make your gut instinct; take a step forward and see what happens. People suffering from anxiety treat fear as a threat and an enemy, which eventually makes them feel fearful, cowardly, weak, and stupid. It would be helpful if you learned to fight, not to run away from the problem. It is a counter-intuitive problem that is only solved by a counter-intuitive solution. Find a proper solution and combat that problem.     

Ask for help:

If you feel that your anxiety problem is beyond your control, ask for help. Visit a specialist and talk about every sign and symptom of your problem. Feel free while discussing it with your specialist and start with proper treatment. A Therapy with a trained mental health professional is best who will teach you specific strategies to deal and overcome with anxiety. 

Concluding the topic, people suffering from anxiety must need to follow the practical tips mentioned above. People suffering from anxiety won’t feel comfortable while discussing the problem with others. It becomes our responsibility to support them if we observe a person is suffering from anxiety. It would help if you adopted a proper solution to the anxiety problem and always remember to be fearless and fight with the fear.  

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