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Does body image really matter?

Does body image really matter?

Does body image matter for a girl? All girls are not the same. Some are short; some girls are tall, some are healthy, some are slim. However, these things don’t matter to decide a girl how she would be.

Even there are many communities where the looks matter. What if a nice, beautiful, and modern girl doesn’t know how to behave or talk in public? On the other hand, some are not so good looking, but they have manners, and they respect another human being.

What is precisely a body image?
It is what you think and how you feel while you look in the mirror and you what you picture yourself.  It includes how you perceive your appearance, what do you think about your body itself. It can be your height, weight, and how you feel within your skin.

Women with a positive body image are likely to have good physical and mental health.

On the other hand, women with negative thoughts and feelings about their bodies are more likely to develop mental health conditions, which may include eating disorders and depression.


Here there are some causes of negative body image:

  • If a girl is being teased or bullied
  • If someone criticized her looks
  • Seeing pictures or messages in the media, that make her  feel bad
  • Having overweight, underweight, or obesity.

How to have a healthy body image?

If you are facing overweight or obesity, then it can be improved by participating in a weight loss program.

If you are underweight, and if you are facing with negative body image, then you can contact a gym trainer or a doctor or nurse to gain weight in a healthy and treat other health problems you have.

The more you think positive thoughts about yourself and lower the negative thoughts you have about your body, the better you will start feeling about what you are and how you look.

Someone rightly says it, “Kuch to log Kahen gey, logon ka kaam hai kehna.”

It would be best if you appreciated what you are. Work on yourself whenever you feel that its high time now.

In the end, working on assuming how you look is healthier than continually working to change how you look.

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