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Tips to overcome from Ruminative Thoughts.

Tips to overcome from Ruminative Thoughts.

Ruminative Thoughts are thoughts that reoccur in your head. These are the negative memories or experiences that keep on recurring in mind. Ruminating thoughts is associated with mental disorders like depression, anxiety, phobias, PTSD, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). It can further give rise to substance use disorder or any other unhealthy conditions. Events that trigger ruminating thoughts include:

  • Traumatic Event
  • Failure in Relationships
  • Fear of Exam failure
  • Facing the fear 
  • Results 

Ruminative thoughts are often adverse events or bad memories that a person keeps on thinking. Failure to stop ruminating thoughts will disrupt daily activities and affect a person’s mental well-being. Here are few practical tips that will help you to get over ruminating ideas.

Jot down the thoughts:

It is said that writing helps you to let go of those thoughts. Earlier, people used to maintain diaries where they write those incidents that happened on that particular day. It is the best and an effective way to get rid of ruminating thoughts. It would help you to find a solution that you can act upon. Writing down the ideas on paper will help you cope with the thoughts and feelings that often reoccur in your mind.

Hang out with your Friend:

Real friends understand you the most when it comes to solving the problem. An isolated person can face more ruminating thoughts. When you experience ruminating thoughts, call a friend or make a plan and hang out with them. Social support will help you to cope up with the ruminating thoughts. Hanging out with friends also allows you to overcome mental and emotional stress.

Divert yourself:

When you feel that you are experiencing ruminative thoughts, divert your mind. Involving yourself in certain activities will require concentration and prevent you from spending your energy in ruminating thoughts. Activities such as:

  • Reading novels
  • Cooking
  • Drawing
  • Writing a blog
  • Playing games
  • Trying new activities
  • Watching a movie


Meditation has a magical effect on mental health. It is a technique that can prove to be very calming and mentally refreshing. There are various videos and information available on social media that can guide you to perform different meditation techniques. One can specifically focus on one sensation, such as breath, sounds around you, or the body’s physical feeling. 


Exercising helps you to get rid of physical as well as mental problems. Endorphins, a chemical produced in your brain, improve happiness and cognitive function when you perform aerobics. Exercise reduces stress hormone that is the leading cause of worsening ruminating thoughts. 

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