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5 Signs of an Overthinker.

5 Signs of an Overthinker.

People suffering from overthinking might be unable to detect it. There are many reasons behind a person who overthinks. People who suffer from overthinking lives in the past as they keep ruminating on the thoughts related to traumatic events or bad memories. An overthinker cannot live and enjoy the present moment and keep on regretting or worrying about past situations. Here are five signs of an overthinker.

You over-analyze everything:

While having a conversation with someone, you start to analyze whether they are speaking the truth or not. You begin to find the meaning of every word they are saying. It probably happens when you enquire about someone or something. Instead of enjoying the moment, you are carefully analyzing. 

You are busy planning to start an investigation as soon as you get out of the scenario. You concentrate more on what you will find about them rather than understanding them when they are in front of you. People start to overanalyze when their trust has been broken. 

You keep on thinking:

People think to find new ways of improvement. They keep searching for new skills that will help them get better at everything and in every field. It’s a dream of everyone to become an all-rounder, and for that, you need to think. But it is not the same for the people who overthink.

Excessive thinking over the problem will make it worse than it is. Spending more time on review will not get your work done until you act upon it. Here, people keep on postponing the job, and in the end, they ditch the task because they have no time to work on it. Hence being less productive.

You believe in perfection:

You get very angry if you see that things around you are not organized. You’re unable to cool down yourself unless you get assured that things are perfect. You avoid yourself when put in a situation where things or conditions are not according to you.  A person who is overthinking ensure that they are aware of the scenarios and something you are going to deal with.

You start expecting the worst:

You lose your positivity. Everything that happens with you, you draw negative conclusions. Thinking about negativity and unwanted scenarios becomes your favorite hobby. You think about unexpected things because you want to save yourself from getting hurt when things don’t go as per your expectation. Usually, you try to feel the pain, then it happens.

You are worried if you don’t get a quick reply:

When a person with whom you used to talk every day where you receive a reply in a second and suddenly one day, you don’t get quick responses makes you feel worried. You start to keep track of how much time you get a reply, and you analyze the response time, previous messages, and response time you are getting now.  It is a kind of overthinking. 

You feel that person is ignoring you and your messages and you get worried. Slowly, you deny to text first because you get stressed out, thinking that what if they ignore your messages? 

These are the five common signs that a person feels when he starts overthinking.

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