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Role of Men in Menstrual Hygiene Management.

Role of Men in Menstrual Hygiene Management.

Menstrual Hygiene Management is the ‘Silent Problem’ that is left unreach for many years. No woman is comfortable talking about periods freely and without any hesitation. It is because of the myths, stigma, and taboos related to the menstruation cycle. Women feel awkward talking about periods in front of men because of different perceptions held by men linked to periods. It is essential to change the attitude of men towards the menstruation cycle so that every man supports women during periods. This article will shed light on how men can help women during menstruation and their role in Menstrual Hygiene Management.

How can men support women during the Menstruation Cycle?

Women go through various physiological and psychological changes during the menstruation cycle that many men are unaware of. Irritation and headaches during or before the menstruation cycle cause disturbances in the relationship between males and females. Men can support women and girls in managing menstruation in various roles, such as fathers, husbands, brothers, colleagues, and leaders. 

Due to different perceptions, myths, and misconceptions held by men related to periods, men have never supported women nor discussed menstrual issues with their wives and daughters. To change the mindset of men towards the menstruation cycle, engage men in various group discussions and meetings in which different topics related to period are share. After That, no woman will hesitate to talk about periods with men and boys. 

Role of Men towards Menstrual Hygiene Management:

Sanitary napkins are an essential item for women during the menstruation cycle. But because men are the family decision-makers, women’s menstrual hygiene is being compromise in many cases. Due to low family income, men do not prioritize period products as an essential item for women. In other cases, men don’t provide money to women to purchase period products such as Sanitary napkins, tampons, and menstrual cups as they think that buying these products is a waste of money. It forces women to use reusable cloth pads, which they have to wash and dry to reuse again. All these results in unhygienic practices by women during periods that further increases the chances of contacting Reproductive Tract Infections. It shows the importance of educating men about using menstrual products during the menstruation cycle to maintain menstrual hygiene.

Constructing toilets in the home is a decision that men take. Women often feel shy to go to the toilets at home as the drain is not cover, and the chances of seeing the blood flowing from the drain also increase. Suppose the bathrooms are not appropriately built at home. It is a barrier for women to maintain privacy as they have to go to the public restrooms to clean and changing the menstrual materials. To combat the situation, men can build toilets in the home with proper drains. 

Concluding the Topic:

The above article shows that, along with women, one should also educate men regarding the importance of menstrual hygiene management. Also, men should be engaged in various GDs and meetings where multiple topics related to menstruation are discussed. Men can support women by constructing toilets facilitated with water and soap. Also, they should give money to buy period products for maintaining menstrual hygiene. 


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