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Steps towards Feminine Menstrual Hygiene.

Maintaining Menstrual Hygiene during periods for women is as essential as maintaining Personal Hygiene. Various myths and taboos surround menstruation, due to which women feel shy and awkward to talk about periods freely. Women face many menstrual issues that they cannot share with anybody due to the stigma associated with periods. In many parts of society, women are not allowed to use commercial pads as luxurious items. It forces them to use the traditional method of using old clothes, leaves, ashes, and sandbags during periods. Performing such unhygienic practices during the menstruation cycle disturbs the feminine menstrual hygiene that can further lead to various types of infections and blood-borne diseases that will eventually affect maternal health. This article will shed light on a few steps towards encouraging Feminine Menstrual Hygiene to combat this situation.

Steps towards encouraging Feminine Menstrual Hygiene:
Discussion about the Feminine Menstrual Hygiene:

Many women are not aware of the term Menstrual Hygiene. So before stating the importance of maintaining menstrual hygiene, one must understand what menstrual hygiene is. One must make them know that menstrual is a normal part of every woman’s life. Providing adequate information about the menstruation cycle will reduce the social stigmas, taboos, and myths associated with periods. Maintaining Feminine Hygiene is of great importance during the menstruation cycle. One should put a light on various practices of menstrual hygiene that includes:

  • Changing of sanitary pads every 2-3 hours
  • Keeping your intimate area clean during periods
  • Washing your hands 
  • Using commercial hygienic napkins, menstrual cups, and tampons
Developing infrastructure to manage menstruation:

To encourage feminine menstrual hygiene during periods, it is essential to have a proper infrastructure to manage menstruation. As men are the family’s decision-makers, building washrooms in the home with appropriate drains and facilitated with soap and water will help women maintain privacy during the menstruation cycle. Otherwise, women and girls have to go to public washrooms to clean and change menstrual materials; it is a situation of awkwardness and embarrassment for women. Schools, colleges, and offices should build separate restrooms for women with an adequate water supply and appropriate washing materials to ensure menstrual hygiene.

Encouraging women to use commercial sanitary napkins:

Using old clothes, ashes, dry leaves, sandbags, newspapers, and tissue paper during menstruation is one of the most unhygienic practices women do during menstruation. It is due to a lack of awareness of the availability of commercial sanitary napkins. It is essential to be aware of the various period products available to abolish the practice of using old clothes, which will reduce the chances of getting various infections and diseases. To create awareness related to products, one must organize campaigns and showcase the period products. 

Making easy availability of Sanitary napkins to women:

Easy availability of sanitary napkins during periods to women is an essential step towards encouraging feminine menstrual hygiene. Many women who live in rural and slum areas cannot afford to buy a pack of sanitary napkins. The indirect taxes levied on sanitary pads should be reduced so that every woman could afford to buy a box of sanitary napkins. Even an organization must come forward and make easy availability of sanitary pads by distributing free, hygienic napkins or by installing Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine.

Stree Sanman is an organization that manufactures Sanitary Napkin Vending machines to provide easy availability of sanitary napkins to women. Stree Sanman is making a continuous effort to eradicate poverty and encourage women to maintain menstrual hygiene during periods. It also manufactures Smokeless Incinerators to ensure the eco-friendly disposal of soiled sanitary napkins. 

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