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Yoga Asana for Healthy Periods.

Yoga Asana for Healthy Periods

Yoga Asana for Healthy Periods.

Period comes with lots of difficulties for women. Handling mood swings, headaches, and bloating becomes a big challenge for women during periods. In addition to these, period cramps are the worst part of periods. Due to period cramps, women cannot concentrate on their day-to-day activities. Another problem related to periods is the irregular menstrual cycle. Women face the problem of irregular periods due to hormonal changes or due to PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Other causes of irregular periods are thyroid problems, pregnancy, stress, breastfeeding, and uterine fibroids. These problems can be solved naturally by practicing yoga every day. Yoga is an ancient practice that involves concentration, deep breathing, and physical poses. Practicing a few yoga poses in the morning keeps our mind and body healthy. This article will highlight a few yoga asanas to get rid of various period problems and enjoy a healthy period every month. 

Yoga Asana for Mood Swings:

After getting up in the morning, our emotions keep shifting from one to another. And we don’t even realize it! Mood shifting can be caused due to external as well as internal factors. For instance, fighting with your best friend makes you feel angry and sad, whereas winning a prize in a competition makes you feel happy and motivated; external factors are. Internal factors such as hormonal disbalance before periods shift your mood from excited to depressed and stressed. Our thoughts and behavior play an immense role in moving our moods. A stressed mind undergoes emotional turmoil that affects the efficiency and ability to understand the matter appropriately. On the contrary, a healthy and stress-free mind increases the concentration power, the focus that helps us to manage various situations. 

Here are a few yoga asanas that will help to handle mood swings during periods:

Hastapadasana (Front bend yoga pose):


Hastapadasana, also known as the Front bend yoga pose, helps to release any pressure or stress. Bowing forward is humbling and respectful, allowing us to surrender and let go of any hesitation. Holding this asana for 15-20 seconds helps relax the mind, which will help manage stress and depression.



Suryanamaskar is a cycle of 12 yoga asana that helps us balance mental and physical health. It helps in anger management. Practicing Suryanamaskar regulates the breathing process during stress and anxiety, releasing tension built up throughout the day. It also helps balance both the right and left sides of the brain, which results in increased creativity, emotional stability, and capacity. 


Yoga asana

Sukhasana is a basic seated posture to practice meditation and breathing exercises like pranayama. This pose stretches the knees, ankles and also strengthens back muscles. Practicing this asana makes breathing smooth, makes the heart relaxed, and helps to maintain emotional balance. 

Yoga asana for Irregular Periods:

Irregular periods are the most common problem faced by many women. There are multiple reasons for irregular periods. The issue of irregular periods for once is normal because of stress and a rigid lifestyle. But if the problem continues, one must consult a doctor in no time. Along with proper medication, one must also practice yoga asanas to cure irregular periods. 

Here are a few yoga asanas to regulate irregular periods:


Yoga pose

Malasana, also known as Garland position, is a squatting asana and an excellent asana for the reproductive system. To practice Malasana, sit in a squatting place. Squat deep and keep your feet hip-width apart. Spread your knees wider than your torso. Bring your palms in a namaste position by keeping your elbows in the inner thighs and stretching. Hold on to the position for a few minutes and release and slowly return to the original position. Malasana helps to boost metabolism, activate the digestive system, and strengthen your groin. It also helps in toning the belly.   



Ustrasana, also called camel pose, works magic to regulate periods. To practice Ustrasana, one needs to kneel on the floor. Ensure your shoulders and knees are aligned. Extend your body back, hold your heels, push your hips forward and drop your head back. Hold on to the position for a couple of seconds and return to the normal position. Practicing this pose helps to strengthen your back and shoulder, improves posture, massages the internal organs, and opens up the chest. 

Butterfly Pose:

Yoga asana

Baddha Konasana also known as the butterfly pose, it is the best treatment for various menstrual problems. To practice, Baddha Konasana sits down on the floor. Bent your knees and the soles of your feet touching each other. Now, hold your feet tightly with your hands and flap your thighs up and down without moving your feet. Practice it for a couple of minutes. Baddha Konasana is not only beneficial for women but also men. It improves blood circulation and helps to stimulate organs like the kidney and bladder. 

Yoga Asana to ease Period Cramps:

Period cramps are the worst part of periods. Many women doubts practicing yoga during periods. But practicing a few yoga poses will help to ease period cramps and improve blood circulation. It also makes your muscle feel relaxed and releases stress during periods. 

Here are a few yoga asanas to ease period cramps:


Balasana, also known as child pose, flexes the reproductive organs. It also releases tension in your back, shoulder, and neck. It helps you to get rid of achy muscles and joints during periods. 

Upavistha Konasana:

Yoga asana

Upavistha Konasana is a wide-angle seated forward bend that helps to stimulate your abdominal organs. It helps to lower the menstrual cramps during periods. 

Wrapping up:

Women should include yoga asana in the list of daily activities. Practicing yoga in the morning helps boost the immune system and cures various problems. However, practicing the above-listed yoga asana will naturally help you deal with menstrual issues and aid in healthy periods.

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