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Vaginal Discharge: Normal v/s Abnormal

Vaginal Discharge: Normal v/s Abnormal

The vagina is a female organ that provides a route to the uterus and reproductive system. It contains a fluid that helps to create a naturally acidic environment. Vagina keeps itself clean and healthy with the mucus-like secretion, often called Vaginal Discharge. It begins a few months before menarche in adolescents. Generally, the discharge diminishes or lessens gradually after menopause. Vaginal discharge varies from woman to woman based on various factors. These factors include:

  • Periods 
  • Pregnancy
  • Hormones
  • Vaginal infections.

This article will see signs of Normal and Abnormal  discharge. Additionally, we will also learn the reasons and side effects of abnormal vaginal discharge.

Signs of Normal Vaginal Discharge:

A woman goes on 28 days of the period cycle. If a woman goes through a proper 28-period process, then usually on the 14th or 15th-day woman will experience a normal vaginal discharge that is transparent or milky like mucus. The release will be significantly less in amount, and it’s non-irritating. This type of white discharge provides regular lubrication during intercourse. Normal white discharge is essential for healthy fertility. 

These normal fluids remove the old cells and clean the vagina. Usually, these fluids don’t have any odor, and sometimes, women may notice a thin and stringy liquid. 

Signs of Abnormal Discharge:

The difference in your vaginal fluid can signify abnormal discharge. An abnormal vaginal discharge indicates that you have an infection or any other serious health condition. If a woman suddenly experiences more vaginal discharge, it’s a sign of a problem. Abnormal vaginal discharge also differs in color. If a woman experiences green or yellow discharge is a point of concern that she needs immediate medication. Abnormal white discharge can be thick like curd or toothpaste, clumped, or chunky like cottage cheese. It can also be a watery discharge.

Other signs include itching, rashes, burning sensation during urination, bleeding when not on period, and foul odor from the discharge. 

Causes of Abnormal Vaginal Discharge:

Here are a few vaginal infections that are the root cause of abnormal discharge:

  • Bacterial Vaginosis
  • Yeast Infection
  • Chlamydia’
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Gonorrhea

Side effects of Abnormal Vaginal Discharge:

Period Abnormalities:

The inflammation caused in the vagina spreads in the Uterine lining. Slowly and gradually, it also extends into the tubes and ovaries that will interrupt the system’s primary function.

The problem in Conceiving:

Due to the inflammation in the vagina level, the sperms while traveling through the vulva route interacts with the inflammation that kills the sperms. Hence, women suffering from abnormal discharge due to inflammation find it challenging to conceive.

PID: Pelvic Inflammatory Disorder:

If the abnormal fluid discharge continues for a long time, the infections spread to the whole reproductive system of a female body. The uterus, tubes, and ovaries get swollen. It becomes challenging to cure such types of chronic inflammation. 

Wrapping up:

Vaginal Discharge

Women should observe the type of discharge secreted by the vagina. If you experience abnormal vaginal discharge, you should consult a gyno and start taking immediate medication to avoid spreading the infection to the whole reproductive system. A change in the color, odor, and consistency of the discharge can indicate inflammation in the vagina.