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Need of Women Inspiration to other women.

Need of Women Inspiration to other women.

To date, we have come across millions of inspirational stories that motivate us during our failures. Whether it is M.S Dhoni’s story or a story of Marry Kom; failure and success are part and parcel of the story. But one thing that is common in every success story; is their belief in self and the attitude of not giving up. Both are possible only if there is an inspiration. Inspiration boosts the motivation that helps us to develop ourselves for our goals. One gets inspired by the efforts taken by others after failure. Recently, the women hockey coach, Sjjord Mareejne, commented after defeating Australia, 

“We did not win a medal, but I think we have won something bigger. We have made Indians proud again, and we inspired millions of girls that dreams CAN come true as long as you work hard for it!” 

To inspire someone, one needs to work hard and with a dedication to achieving the goal. Women are a great source of inspiration because even successful women handle both professional and personal life. Even during the tough times of the menstruation cycle, women are ready to give a neck-to-neck competition with other colleagues. Women go through lots of difficulties before, during, and after menstruation. PMS symptoms such as headache, bloating, and fatigues cause disturbances while completing the office task. During periods, painful cramps don’t allow women to concentrate on office work. 

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But still, many women hold the post of CEO, CFO, COO, CMO of many renowned companies, and the minister of the state or country. Even some women have won medals in different sports by competing with men and made our country proud. If we look at their life story, they were ordinary women who believed in doing extraordinary tasks. Their never-giving-up attitude is the motivation for them. Through them, our younger generation will be inspired, and our nation will create gems in the future. 

But to make women and girls equally compatible with men and boys, there is a need to support them during their tough times. And that’s during the MENSTRUATION CYCLE! There are many adolescent girls and women who don’t have access to menstrual products. As they continue to use the traditional method of using old clothes, leaves, and sandbags during periods, girls won’t feel comfortable attending their coaching classes during periods, and working women opt to leave the office. Both of these situations cause a break in their successful careers. Suppose offices and coaching centers install Stree Sanman Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine that will dispense sanitary napkins at any time for women. In that case, no girls will feel uncomfortable attending their classes, and no working women will opt to stay indoors during periods. Installing Stree Sanman Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine will make a massive difference in the life of women. 

Installation of Stree Sanman Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine will provide excellent support for women during the menstruation cycle and help women shape their careers. It will be the most outstanding contribution towards women’s successful careers. When women build their successful careers, she will be an inspiration to millions of other women dreaming of becoming successful in their selected field.

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