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Menstruation Cycle: A Social Stigma

Menstruation Cycle: A Social Stigma


Menstruation Cycle is a biological function. When a woman is menstruating, she is push back to enter the kitchen or perform any rituals. Additionally, they are given a separate room to live in until she finishes her menstruation cycle. The menstruation cycle treated as an impurity. It is the social stigma due to which women have to face rejection during periods. Discriminatory behavior and derogatory comments to women on periods are an additional part of the story. 

There are around 800 million women who menstruate on a particular day. According to recent studies, approximately 62% of women and 59% of men describe the menstruation cycle as “embarrassing to talk about.” On the contrary, 60% of women and men don’t feel ashamed to talk about periods. They find periods to be acceptable for women to state that they are on their Menstruation cycle. It should be a right and fair attitude towards the Menstruation cycle.

Menstruation Cycle: ‘Silent Problem.’

The menstruation cycle is termed as ‘Silent Problem.’ It is because women don’t have the freedom to talk about periods publicly. People need to understand that the Menstruation cycle is not by choice; from mother nature, every woman has to face Periods. PMS symptoms on periods create discomfort for women, and stigma related to the menstruation cycle increases the pressure. Due to the poverty scenario, women find it challenging to buy menstruation products such as sanitary pads, tampons, and menstrual cups.

Due to the inability to purchase menstrual products, women use clothes, sandbags, leaves, and ashes to prevent menstrual flow from staining on surfaces. These are unhygienic practices that women practice during periods that lead to various menstruation-related diseases. It includes fungal or bacterial infection, irritation on the skin, and skin rashes. As the Menstrual cycle is shrouded in secrecy and stigma related to periods, women cannot share these problems. 

Last Talk:

Women should be period proud to eliminate social stigma related to the menstruation cycle. More and More awareness should be initiate so that both women and men understand the menstruation cycle and problems related to it. Women should feel free to talk about hygienic practices described to periods, so that period problems attack no women. They should consult a doctor if she faces any menstrual disorders without any hesitation. 

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