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Menstruation Products are free for Women in Scotland.

Menstruation Products are free for Women in Scotland.

Here’s come the excellent news for all the women in Scotland! Scotland became the first nation to abolish the period tax and make sanitary pads available for women free of cost. It became the first country to take such an extraordinary step against ‘Period Poverty.’ In many countries, feminine hygiene products are termed luxury items and taxed as other luxurious items. Period Products is a basic necessity for every woman because women go through a menstruation cycle for 5-7 days every month.  

In countries like India, Women are still using rags, ashes, dry leaves, sandbags, and dirty clothes to avoid period stains during the menstruation cycle. Feminine Hygiene Products are costlier for women who live in rural areas. Therefore, women continue to use such substitutes for feminine hygiene products. Women feel shy and embarrassed while talking about the menstruation cycle. Women face many problems during the menstruation cycle, but they feel better to keep mum due to the stigma about periods. That’s the reason women face different issues during the menstruation cycle due to lack of treatment. 

Scotland’s announcement on free Feminine Hygiene Products for Women:

A member of the Scottish Parliament, Monica Lennon, introduced the bill on 23 April 2019. In November 2020, the Scottish Parliament approved the Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland), Bill. After the passing of the bill, Lennon appreciated the decision of the Scottish Parliament by stating that this bill is a signal to the world that there can be universal access to feminine hygiene products. Period products are essential items. Now every woman in Scotland will have the easy availability of Period Products. 

It has become the Scottish Government’s legal duty to confirm that every Feminine Hygiene Products or Period Products is freely available to everyone who news it. Earlier, tampons and pads cost up to 8 pounds that is around Rs. 790. 38 in Scotland. Presently, the Scottish Government granted 5.2 million pounds, around Rs 51.36 crore, to supply free Feminine Hygiene Products such as tampons, pads, and reusable products in schools, colleges, and universities. 4 million pounds are Rs. 31.51 crores handed to the councils to expand sanitary products to other public places in Scotland


Like, Scotland has scrapped the Period tax and made available free Feminine Hygiene products, every country should implant this act. Women are struggling to get sanitary products during periods. It is essential to ensure that women are using hygienic products during the menstruation cycle. Using Period products will save women from multiple diseases related to the menstruation cycle. It is essential to understand that providing Period Products is vital for people’s dignity. 

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