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Free Sanitary Napkins to School Girls in Tripura.

Free Sanitary Napkins to School Girls in Tripura.

Girls get their first period when they are in school. Girls often get tensed and worried when she gets her first period. She feels embarrassed when she gets her period while attending the lectures in school. Studies revealed that only 48% of adolescents girls in India are aware of the menstruation cycle before their first period. Due to lack of awareness related to the menstruation cycle, girls think that she has got a terrible disease due to pain and blood flow during their first days of periods. Another study reveals that around 23 million girls in India drop out of school due to a lack of menstruation hygiene management and period education.

It further says that girls who still go to school miss five days of school every month due to the menstruation cycle. These scenario shows the urgent need to provide Period Education to school girls; and the commencement of Menstrual Hygiene Management in schools. Tripura, a state in Northeastern India, decided to provide free Sanitary Napkins to adolescent girls to miss the lectures in school during the Menstruation Cycle.

Free Sanitary Napkins to School girls in Tripura:

Education Minister Ratan Lal Nath stated that under the project of ‘Kishori Suchita Abhiyan,’ the government of Tripura has approved to provide free sanitary napkins to adolescent girls from standard VI to XII. The cabinet has approved the Tripura Menstrual Hygiene to provide free Sanitary napkins across all the Government schools of Tripura. 

Further Education Minister Ratan Lal Nath said that free sanitary napkins would be provide to 1.68.252 adolescent girls from class VI to XII under the school education departments. This step is taken to prevent girls from missing the lectures during periods, and it will also help maintain good health and hygiene during the menstruation cycle. Starting from the current financial year, a budget of around Rs. 3.61 crore will be incur for the next three years. As the cost of a pack of sanitary napkins ranges from Rs. 28-35 in the market, ASHA workers, buy a pack of sanitary napkin from the National Health Mission at Rs. 5 and sells it at Rs. 6; similarly, the government of Tripura will buy the hygienic napkins from National Health Mission and will distribute them to girls free of cost. 


It is a remarkable step taken by the government of Tripura towards the school-going girls. Providing free sanitary napkins to the girls will help them to maintain menstrual hygiene during periods. Additionally, as girls get their first period in schools, one can start providing period education to adolescent girls to understand the menstruation cycle and different ways to maintain menstrual hygiene. 

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