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Four simple ways to ease Period Cramps.

Four simple ways to ease Period Cramps.

During periods, the uterus gets contracted and shed its lining, hence causing period cramps. Some lucky women experience no or mild period cramps; while other women, experience severe period cramps during Menstruation Cycle. As a result, painful period cramps cause discomfort and have an extreme impact on day to day working of life. There are few ways to ease period cramps during the Menstruation cycle mentioned in this article.

Hot Water Bag:

Hot water bag for reducing period cramps.

Many of us are aware of the hot water bag remedy. Place a hot water bag on the lower belly while experiencing period pain during the first day of your menstruation cycle. Placing it on the lower stomach will help increase the blood in the abdomen and relax the uterus’ muscle, hence lowering the period pain. 


Massage for period cramps

There are various types of oils popularly known as essential oils that are available in the market. Essential oils, namely cinnamon, lavender, clove, rose, and sage, seem to be most effective in reducing period cramps during the menstruation cycle. Ensure that you mix these essential oils with a carrier oil such as coconut and jojoba as these oils help carry the essential oil to the skin and help spread oil all over your area. Mix both essential oil and ‘carrier’ oil and start with a gentle massage on your abdomen. 



It is confirm that practicing yoga and exercise before or during the period helps ease the period pain. Million of videos are available on social media sites that show various yoga poses and stretches that will reduce pain. Yoga poses will help to relax the muscle and ensure proper circulation of the blood during Menstruation Cycle.



Acupressure has proven its positive effects on various diseases. It is a noninvasive Chinese Medicine treatment that is effective in curing many diseases. It is a process in which the fingers are use to create pressure in specific parts of the human body, reducing various symptoms. A study revealed that rubbing circles in the calf at a point above the ankle helps ease period cramps.  

Concluding the topic, remedies such as a hot water bag, massage in the lower belly, yoga, and acupressure will help you eliminate Period pain during the menstruation cycle. Apart from these, it is essential to keep yourself hydrated during periods. Intake of hot water and turmeric milk during the Menstruation Cycle is beneficial to ease the pain.

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