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Relation of Moon and Menstrual Cycle

Relation of Moon and Menstrual Cycle

Have you ever heard about the relation between the Moon and the menstruation cycle? Many people have connected the Moon with fertility and female energy.

A complete lunar cycle lasts from one new Moon to the next and takes 28 days. And on the other hand, the average menstrual cycle is also 28 days long.  Even authentic duration differs from person to person and month to month. It ranges from approximately 21 to 35 days.

Studies regarding synchronization of the lunar cycle and menstruation cycle:

As stated by one study, synchronicity does exist between menstrual and lunar cycles. This study involved 826 women with the standard menstrual cycle, and the age is 16-25.

A massive woman menstruated during the new Moon, which is 28.3%. On the contrary, the rate of menstruation on the other days was much lower, ranging between 8.5-12.6%. However, data gathered by an app that authorizes women to track their periods designate that the relationship between the lunar and menstrual cycle is a myth. The above 7.5 million menstrual cycles didn’t correlate to the lunar eclipse.

Women fertility around the Full Moon:

Dr. Eugene Jonas peeps for a factual explanation for questions regarding female fertility in the 1950s.

Dr. Jonas pointed to multiple fertile periods from which it suggested that the lunar cycle that determines their fertility. In the end, no scientific evidence offered to support his theory.

On the other hand, Japanese researchers emphasize that gravitation of the Moon has an impact on the frequency of birth. They observe a notable increase in the number of births when the gravity of the Moon and the Earth was less than 31.5 newtons.

The reason behind the people associating Moon with menstrual cycle:

Earlier people made lunar calendars. So, many cultures based on their religious ceremony around the lunar cycle. The menstruation cycle savagely follows the same timeline, which makes it natural to try to use the Moon’s cycle to track when to menstruate or ovulate.

People may have started this belief out of an inclination to hook up to the flow of the universe.

Many scientists reject the conception that women period clash with moon phases. Instead, the resemblance seems to begin and end the regular 28-day average cycle for both the Moon and Menstruation cycle.

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