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Ways to improve Menstruation issues.

It is a fact that menstruation is stigmatized all over the world. It means that every girl who goes through the Menstruation cycle every month has to face the stigma related to periods. Due to less education about the menstruation cycle, women in India continue to exercise unhygienic practices during menstruation. Women use dirty and old pieces of cloth, socks, newspaper, ashes, dry leaves, and sandbags bags during the menstruation cycle. In India, girls and women missed schools, offices, and important events due to poor menstruation hygiene management. 

In various parts of India, many girls cannot sit on a bed or sofa; they are given a separate room to stay until she completes her menstruation cycle. They are not allowed to enter temples and kitchens because girls during menstruation are termed impure. Women are not allow to touch food items. All these practices done by society make women feel period shame. It is a bitter truth that many women feel uncomfortable talking about periods publicly. Women’s life becomes tremendously challenging when she faces the problems during the Menstruation cycle. Additionally, the unavailability of menstrual products is creating more problems in dealing with menstruation issues.

Ways to improve Menstruation Issues.
Period Education:

Education is key! As girls get their first period while they are in schools, it is responsible for providing period education to girls. Topics that must be discuss include:

Many girls who lack period education choose to drop out of school, which affects the literacy rate of women. Additionally, one must also discuss various unhygienic practices done by women that can lead to multiple health disorders. Women who live in slum areas are more exposed to such methods, and only period education can stop it. 

Adequate access to Sanitary Products:

Women use rags, toilet paper, sandbags, newspaper, ashes, and dry leaves to prevent the surfaces from period stains. Using such items during the menstruation cycle can lead to various menstrual disorders, including irritation and infection in the intimate areas. These products contain harmful bacteria that can lead to lifelong diseases for women. Many women died due to various menstrual disorders, and it is because there is the unavailability of period products to women during periods. In many countries, period products such as sanitary napkins, tampons, and menstrual cups are sold free. Period products must not be considered luxurious items as they are essential for women during periods. Installation of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine can provide sanitary napkins at lower rates, preventing women from unhygienic practices during the Menstruation cycle.

Access to clean and reusable washrooms:

As women go to schools, colleges, and offices, it is essential to maintain clean and reusable ladies’ washrooms. Access to clean and reusable washrooms during periods will save women from contagious diseases. Clean restrooms are crucial to preserving period hygiene during the menstruation cycle. It will protect women from the deadly infection that is caused while using dirty washrooms.

End stigma related to periods:

Stigma is the main issue related to the menstruation cycle. Stigma creates the problem to look more significant than the problem is. Period stigma is the biggest issue that a woman faces during the menstruation cycle. Handling period cramps and mood swings and abiding by the restrictions imposed by family and society worsen the situation of a woman during periods. It’s time to break the stigma and put an end to period shame. 

Menstrual health Checkups:

Organizing menstrual health Checkups in schools, colleges, universities, and society can save many women from contracting any menstrual disorders. It will also create an awareness related to menstrual disturbances and how to prevent such diseases. Often, a woman faces problems related to the menstruation cycle, such as irregular periods and PMDD, and finds that it is normal because she is unaware of the future consequences of such problems. Organizing Menstrual health Checkups is the solution for saving many women from such deadly diseases. It is vital to schedule menstrual health Checkups in rural areas, as women cannot afford regular Menstrual Health Checkups. 

Concluding the topic:

Women suffer from various menstruation issues that cause a hurdle in daily activities. The above ways can help to improve the problems related to the menstruation cycle. Providing period education, adequate access to period products, and proper access to clean and reusable washrooms will prevent women from various menstrual disorders. Putting an end to period stigma will change the perception of people towards people. Organizing Menstrual Health Checkups will help to detect early signs and symptoms of menstrual disorders. It will also protect the lives of many women.


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