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Significance of Menstrual Hygiene.

Significance of Menstrual Hygiene.

The menstruation cycle is one of the significant physiological changes in girls during the adolescent years. Many girls freak out and get worried about the changes in the body. During menarche, girls have no idea about the ways to deal with it. Sudden and unpleasant changes may create a negative attitude of girls towards the menstruation cycle that may lead to unhygienic menstrual practices. Unhygienic practices during periods can lead to various menstrual-related problems. Maintaining menstrual hygiene is a practice during periods that will save women from contacting various reproductive and urinary infections. 

Challenges faced by women to maintain Period Hygiene:

Social Stigma and Taboos:

In India, various types of social stigma and taboos are associate with the Menstruation cycle. It is the utmost reason due to which women are not able to talk about periods freely. Women hesitate to talk about periods and problems related to periods that further lead to various health-related issues. As the menstrual cycle is clouded with taboos and social stigmas; lack of knowledge about menstruation hygiene can adversely affect women’s health. To eliminate such health conditions, we should first remove the taboos and social stigma related to periods so that no women feel shy to talk about periods.

Lack of Knowledge:

Many women are not aware of menstrual hygiene management and ways to maintain it during periods. Additionally, women are not mindful of the availability of period products, so they continue to use leaves, old clothes, ashes, newspapers, and sandbags during periods. Using such substitutes of period products can lead to various menstrual problems. Poor menstrual hygiene increases the vulnerability of Reproductive Tract Infections (RTI). Hence, it is essential to educate women about maintaining menstrual hygiene and making period products available to abolish the use of other substitutes of period products.

Significance of Menstrual Hygiene:

Maintaining Menstrual Hygiene during periods is essential as it will save women from various reproductive and urinary infections. To increase awareness regarding period hygiene, schools can arrange seminars and workshops for adolescent girls to educate them about periods and the significance of maintaining Menstrual Hygiene. NGOs and private firms can start a campaign to increase awareness regarding menstrual hygiene for women who live in slum and rural areas and make period products available to help them to maintain Menstrual Hygiene. 

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