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Do’s and Don’ts for women during Menstruation Cycle.

Do’s and Don’ts for women during Menstruation Cycle.

The menstruation cycle is not a problem for a woman. However, a menstruation cycle can create a hectic week for a woman due to its awful cramps, uncontrollable mood swings, and bloating. Due to these unpleasant situations during periods, women cannot concentrate on their daily curriculum. It is possible that women can experience comfortable and cramp-free periods. Women need to follow these do’s and don’ts during the menstruation cycle that are listed below:

Do’s during Menstruation Cycle:

  • Yoga.
  • Change your sanitary napkin.
  • Have lots of veggies and fruits in your diet.
  • Keep track of your period
  • Speak about your flow

Don’ts during Menstruation Cycle:

  • Avoid Waxing.
  • Don’t forget to change your sanitary pad.
  • Avoid using cleansers with artificial fragrances to clean the vaginal part.
  • Avoid pain killers during periods.
  • Don’t ignore any symptoms.

Yoga: Do’s

Doing yoga is the best and natural method to get rid of cramps during periods. Yoga stretches the muscle, which leaves you feeling comfortable and eases period cramps. Don’t opt for intense yoga for 1 to 2 hours. You can have 15 minutes of yoga early in the morning. Practicing yoga will not only relieve your period cramps, but it will also improve your mood and blood circulation. 

Change your Sanitary Pads: Do’s

Gynecologists recommend changing your sanitary napkins during the menstruation cycle. Using a single sanitary napkin for long hours increases the risk of infection and lousy odor during the menstruation cycle. During heavy flow, women need to change their sanitary napkin after every 2 hours. Similarly, women need to change their sanitary pads after every 3 to 4 hours. 

Have lots of veggies and fruits in your diet: Do’s

A menstruating woman should avoid having fast foods, fatty meals, dairy products, and fried foods during periods. Instead, she can have fruits, fruit juices, soups, and lots of green leafy vegetables during periods. Having healthy and nutrition-rich food helps to feel energetic, and having fruit juices will make you feel refreshed. Avoid eating pickles because it may increase the period cramps. 

Please keep track of your periods: Do’s 

There are so many apps that help women to keep track of the period. Women can even maintain google sheets or can cross dates on the calendar. Tracking your periods will save you from unwanted leaks that are the enemies of healthy menstrual hygiene. Making a note of symptoms, irregularities in periods, and color of periods will help you to know whether you need to seek a gyno or not. 

Speak about your flow: Do’s

During the menstruation cycle, women face a lot of problems. But due to the stigma about periods in society, women feel shy to talk about periods. It’s difficult to understand why women are afraid to be period proud. If women are pressured not to talk about periods, their problems will be kept silent, which will lead to an unhygienic menstruation cycle. There is an immediate need to change the misconception about the period to talk openly about their flow like a normal bodily function. 

Waxing: Don’t

Skin becomes sensitive during periods, so it is recommended that women not practice waxing during periods as it will create rashes and leaves their skin rough.

Don’t forget to change your napkins: Don’t

Remember to change your pads and avoid wearing them for long hours. It will create a foul odor and will affect your vaginal part. Wearing pads for long hours will welcome many vaginal infections and diseases. 

Using cleansers with artificial fragrances to clean the vaginal part: Don’t

Using cleansers during the menstruation cycle may irritate the vaginal part. During the menstruation cycle, it is recommended to use regular water or gentle soap to clean the vaginal part during periods. Menstruating women should always keep their vaginal part during periods to avoid infection and irritation. 

PainKillers during Periods: Don’t

It is a harsh truth that cramps left us disturbed during periods. Many women can’t bear the pain and end up taking pain killers. It will give you temporary relief during the menstruation cycle, but it can harm your health. Instead, you can take a hot water bag and place it on your belly, which can ease your period cramps.

Ignore Symptoms: Don’ts:

If you face any uncomfortable symptoms before, during, or after the Menstruation cycle, don’t be late to seek advice from a gynecologist and take proper treatment. 

These are must do’s and don’ts that every woman should follow during the menstruation cycle. Lastly, maintaining menstrual hygiene will ensure a healthy period. There is an immediate need to eliminate the taboo related to periods to speak up about their problems during periods. Women

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