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Stree Sanman MyKit-Suvidha is a complete menstrual hygiene kit for women during periods.

Stree Sanman MyKit-Suvidha is a complete menstrual hygiene kit for women during periods

Stree Sanman MyKit-Suvidha is a complete menstrual hygiene kit for women during periods.

Sanitary Napkins are an essential item for women during periods. It helps to absorb the menstrual flow and also ensures female menstrual hygiene. Besides sanitary napkins, women also use eco-friendly menstrual products such as menstrual cups and cloth sanitary pads. But many women continue to use sanitary pads as they found them affordable to use during periods. Along with sanitary napkins, there are many more materials that women need to maintain menstrual hygiene. A complete menstrual hygiene kit can help women to maintain menstrual hygiene during periods.

During periods, women’s bodies should be clean and hygienic to avoid any infection or menstrual-related issues in the future. But in some areas, where there is no or less water availability or primary sanitization material, women face many challenges in maintaining menstrual hygiene during periods. It gives rise to various menstrual-related issues that cause many problems to a woman’s body internally and externally. Infections and irritation are common cases that occur due to a lack of menstrual hygiene. Additionally, improper menstrual waste management harms the health of both living beings and nature. To avoid such practices, Stree Sanman has launched MyKit-Suvidha, a complete menstrual hygiene kit during periods and a must-have product for all women.

About Stree Sanman MyKit-Suvidha:

Stree Sanman MyKit-Suvidha is a complete menstrual hygiene essential kit that helps women to maintain menstrual hygiene. It not only helps women with Sanitary Napkins but also other menstrual essentials such as sanitary napkin disposal bags, Wet tissues, Dry tissues, and a 15ml hand sanitizer. Below are the different ways through which MyKit-Suvidha will help women to maintain menstrual hygiene during periods.

Helps with 14 Premium Sanitary Napkins:

Women should never use sanitary napkins for 3-4 hours during heavy flow and 5-6 hours during medium or low flow. Today’s women want to be financially independent, and they choose to work a 9 to 5 job. And being for such long hours on one sanitary pad during periods is uncomfortable and disturbs menstrual hygiene. MyKit-Suvidha will provide 14 Premium Sanitary Napkins that will help women with the easy availability of sanitary napkins. Women can easily change their pads and save themselves from infection and irritation that is often caused due to unhygienic practices during periods.

Ensures proper Disposal of Sanitary Napkins with 14 Sanitary Napkin Disposal Bags:

Often women flush the used sanitary napkins or keep them in the corner of the washroom. It makes the toilet unhygienic for other women to use. Flushing the sanitary napkins leads to draining blockage that risks the life of the drain cleaning workers who clean the blockage during monsoon. During such a situation, MyKit-Suvidha will help with 14 sanitary napkin disposal bags to help women throw the sanitary napkins after using them. It will avoid practices of flushing the sanitary napkins or keeping them in the corner of the washroom.

Helps with 14 Premium Wet wipes for cleaning the intimate areas:

During period days, it is essential to maintain intimate hygiene during periods. If the area is kept unclean, the risk of getting infection and irritation increases. And if it is not treated well, it may also lead to various menstrual disorders that may last long. MyKit-Suvidha will provide 14 wet tissues to clean the intimate area and will also make women feel fresh. It will help women when there is non-availability of water and save women from various issues caused when the private area is kept unhygienic during periods.

14 Dry tissues and a 15ml hand sanitizer for cleaning hands:

After changing and cleaning the menstrual materials, women’s hands contain lots of germs and bacteria. If women kept their hands unclean, it would lead to various diseases. MyKit-Suvidha will help women with 14 dry tissues to make their hands dry and a 15ml hand sanitizer to kill the bacteria and germs present in their hands after cleaning and changing the menstrual materials. Using sanitizer will the hands feel fresh and fragranced.

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