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5 Foods to avoid for healthy periods.

5 Foods to avoid for healthy periods.

Mood Swings, fatigue, bloating are some of the awful situations during the Menstruation cycle. Situation gets worsened by unbearable period cramps during periods. You will get amazed that your eating habits affect what you feel during the Menstruation cycle. Changing your eating habits during your period days is crucial as it will save you from situations like bloating, period cramps, and headaches. Even though it is tough to follow, one must take a hard road and accordingly decide. This article is the complete guide to the five everyday foods that every woman should avoid during periods.

List of the food to avoid during periods:

  • Coffee or Tea
  • Dairy Products
  • Fatty Foods
  • Fried Foods
  • Alcohol

Coffee or Tea:

Indian families start their morning by having a cup of tea or coffee. It makes them feel fresh and energetic. On the other hand, having a cup of tea or coffee during periods can create a problem because it contains a stimulant, which leads to fluctuation in hormones. It also increases blood pressure and heart rate, which leads to anxiety attacks hence worsening the PMS symptoms. Instead, you can have tomato soup, carrot juice, or any soup that will help you feel calm and comfortable during periods. It will also help to ease period cramps.

Dairy Products:

Women should avoid dairy products such as milk, cheese, and cream during periods. These can trigger the period cramps as it contains arachidonic acid. Today’s milk contains artificial hormones that are a significant cause of hormonal adult acne in women. One can have buttermilk if they wish to have some dairy products. Buttermilk will make you feel refreshed and relaxed. 

Warning! Women suffering from PCOS, Endometriosis, or any such diseases are highly recommended to consult a doctor and discuss dairy products’ intake. 

Fatty Foods:

Consumption of fatty foods has a tremendous influence on hormones, which leads to cramps and makes you feel gassy. Foods that are rich in saturated fat increase the production of a chemical that is Prostaglandins. Menstruating women should avoid fatty meats, burgers, pizzas, and creamy desserts. One can enjoy having homemade Dal Rice, Chapati vegetables, whole wheat bread, etc. 

Fried Foods:

Fried Foods

Not only during the Menstruation cycle, everyone should avoid eating fried foods during regular days. These foods contain trans-fats or hydrogenated vegetable oil. Consumption of these foods for menstruating women can raise the estrogen levels that will worsen the mood swings. Oestrogen is a group of steroid hormones responsible for developing and maintaining the female features of the body. Besides, the consumption of these foods worsens the problem of acne and skin inflammation in women. Instead of having these fried foods, have crunchy veggies or roasted snacks whenever your stomach feels empty.



It is believed that consumption of alcohol during periods lowers the period cramps. Consumption of alcohol may give you temporary relief from period cramps, but it will harm your health in the long run. Female hormones have two hormones, from which one named estrogen is the reason behind the regularity of a girl’s menstrual cycle. Intake of alcohol will increase the estrogen level, which is not suitable for the menstruation cycle.

Another consequence of alcohol consumption is that it increases your water retention level, making you feel more bloated. Instead of alcohol, one can have homemade lassi or coconut water. These are known as the best period foods, helping you stay hydrated throughout the day.  

Last talk:

Above are some of the everyday food which we have in our regular days except alcohol. Women should avoid having these foods for a healthy period. These foods can give temporary satisfaction, but it may result in health problems in the long run. Having a healthy period is the best thing a woman can do to maintain health throughout the year.

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