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Significance of installing Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines in Schools.

Girls get their menarche when they are in school. During menarche, girls often get confused by seeing the bloodstains. They start to think that they have got some deadly disease and will die soon. Lack of sanitation facilities in schools is the biggest challenge faced by girls studying in schools during periods. During the menstruation cycle, girls won’t feel comfortable carrying sanitary pads with them in schools with the thought of embarrassment they will face if anybody sees this in her bag—all these results in missing the lectures in schools or deciding to drop out of school. Studies show that around 23 million girls drop out of school due to periods in India.

The decision of drop out by girls due to the menstruation cycle leads to a decrease in the female literacy rate. To combat this situation, one must install sanitary napkin vending machines in schools so that girls could quickly get sanitary napkins to use during periods.

The benefit of installing sanitary napkins vending machines in schools:

There are multiple benefits of installing sanitary napkin vending machines in schools, stated below:

Easy availability of Sanitary Napkins:

Due to the lack of commercial sanitary napkins, girls use old pieces of cloth, wash and dry it to use that again. Such unhygienic practices during periods can lead to Reproductive Tract Infections that can further harm maternal health. Here schools play a significant role in providing commercial sanitary napkins to girls through installing sanitary napkin vending machines. By taking this step, the school will help female students and female teachers with sanitary napkins during periods. So, it is also one step towards female employees’ welfare. 

Decrease in girls absenteeism:

As discussed earlier, female students feel embarrassed to attend the lectures during the menstruation cycle. Attending schools for 7 to 8 on one pad can be dangerous for female students during heavy and medium flow. It is also unhygienic as it can further lead to infection and irritation. There is also a chance of emitting a foul smell, and that can be too embarrassing! especially in the summer season. So to keep away from this situation, female students miss the lectures and stay indoors till the end of periods; as a result, girls develop a negative attitude towards periods.

To reduce the absenteeism of female students, the installation of a sanitary napkin vending machine is the best solution. Installation of sanitary napkin vending machines in washrooms will ease the female students to change the sanitary napkins every 2 to 3 hours during heavy and medium flow; it will also maintain the privacy of female students. 

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The National Commission of Women (NCW) has requested the Union Human Resource Minister, Mr. Prakash Javedkar, to install Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine in schools and colleges to maintain female students’ menstrual hygiene and wellness. It will help girls who lack period knowledge and easy availability of sanitary napkins. 

Where to buy these Machines?

Many organizations manufacture Sanitary napkins Vending machines. One of the organizations is Stree Sanman, a leading manufacturer of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine and Smokeless Incinerators. Stree Sanman is making continuous efforts to eradicate period poverty and has installed more than a thousand machines. Along with Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine, Stree Sanman also manufactures Sanitary Napkin Incinerators for safe and eco-friendly disposal of used sanitary napkins. Recently, Stree Sanman has taken one step forwards towards female students’ welfare by installing a Sanitary Napkin Smokeless Incinerators in Mogoditshane Senior Secondary School of Botswana, Africa. Click here to read the full article. 

Concluding the topic:

From above, we can observe that the installation of sanitary napkin vending machines is the best solution to reduce the dropout rate and absenteeism of female students. Along with the installation of sanitary napkin vending machines, one can provide period education to female students. It will help them to maintain menstrual hygiene that will save them from Reproductive Tract Infections.

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